Expert claims Lewis Hamilton can win an eighth F1 World Title

In an incredible career, Lewis Hamilton has solidified his place among the greatest F1 competitors of all time. And while some think his best days are in the rearview mirror, his old coach still has faith that he’s capable of proving everyone wrong.

In 2021, the Brit came agonisingly close to picking up a historic eighth title, until Max Verstappen pipped him to the post in controversial circumstances. However, while heavily criticised, the result set up a dramatic rivalry for the following season. But sadly, Hamilton failed to provide the Dutch-Belgian with much competition.

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After a disappointing campaign, the Stevenage racer finished sixth, while his nemesis popped open another bottle of champagne to celebrate his second consecutive title.

And while this would render any competitor bitterly disappointed, his old mentor still believes in him.

In an interview with Grosvenor Sport, Antti Vierula, who’s the current trainer of Valtteri Bottas, claimed that the 38-year-old’s best days are still ahead of him.

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Lewis Hamilton can win an eighth F1 championship

The esteemed coach said: “I think Lewis can win an eighth title; for me, he is the fastest guy if I can’t say Bottas! But it depends on the car and its performance too. As a person, he definitely can.

“For me, it’s his mindset that keeps him pushing for that eighth title; he loves racing and keeps going. Alonso too, he enjoys it a lot.”

While many trainers take a one size fits all approach, Vierula, always tailored his coaching to the individual client.

He added: “All drivers have different strengths and weaknesses. Lewis loved running; he’s good at that and wouldn’t do cycling compared to Bottas. He focussed on core muscles and neck, glutes, but he loved racket games too. So a lot of squash, which is good because it’s a fast sport, good for body and mind. 

“Athletes don’t always enjoy training I give them, but after training, you get endorphins, and squash was an enjoyable session. You have to create sessions they have a love-hate relationship with.”

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While Vierula and Hamilton had success on the track, their relationship extended far beyond mere competition.

The coach said: “I liked working with Lewis; it was a joy; he’s a passionate guy on the track. I enjoyed working with him. He was brilliant in getting everything out of the car and engineers; he pushes people to get the best out of everyone.

“Lewis would work hard getting answers from engineers, giving his opinion about what he thinks is right. He had a brilliant will to improve.”

“My favourite memory of working with Bottas was his first win, it was incredible, in Russia, 2017. That stands out. 

“When I started with Lewis, it was his first win with me as his trainer, winning a GP. It was an amazing feeling. Lewis had already been world champion at the time, but for me, when we won our first race together, it was incredible. 

“This was the 3rd round of that season, Chinese GP 2011.”

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