Alvarez confronted by Andrade during post-fight press conference

Canelo Alvarez was confronted by Demetrius Andrade in a heated exchange during Canelo’s post-fight press conference on Saturday night.

The Mexican star was celebrating his win over Billy Joe Saunders when all of a sudden, Andrade decided to insert himself into Canelo’s time in the spotlight.

Alvarez gets heated

Andrade, who has an unbeaten 30-0 pro boxing record, currently holds the WBO middleweight title. On the flip-side, Alvarez holds the WBA (Super), WBC, WBO and The Ring super middleweight titles.

Alvarez is best known for his boxing ability but he’s also considered to be quite a cool, calm and composed figure within the sport. However, when Andrade decided to try and get some shine from him, Canelo cut a slightly more annoyed persona than we’re used to.

“So, when can we get something going on? Let’s make it happen. What’s up Canelo? Congratulations today though, good job baby, good job,” said Andrade.

“I’m a big fan, but what’s up though? When can we make it happen? What you think?”

“I know [you’re a fan]. Man, you fight with nobody. You are a champion but you fight with nobody. You won the belt with nobody.” Canelo responded.

The two continued to exchange words with Alvarez shouting “Get the f**k out of here man. Please, get the f**k out of here. It’s my night.”

It’s safe to say these aren’t scenes we’re used to seeing with him but from Andrade’s point of view, he’s definitely got the reaction he was looking for.

Boxing is an unpredictable sport and money is often the biggest factor of all behind fights being made. Therefore, if Andrade can keep poking the bear, he may get exactly what he wants and then some.

Featured image credit: Getty