American superstar, Freddy Adu, is planning a massive football comeback

Heralded as a future footballing icon, Freddy Adu never quite reached his sky-high ceiling. But now he’s back for a second shot at glory.

In his heyday, the American international possessed all the talent of a true legend of the sport. With incredible pace, mesmerising skills and a sensational footballing IQ, he stamped his authority on the game, securing a place at DC United at just 14 years of age.

In his first season, the wunderkind solidified himself as the youngest scorer in MLS history, en route to bagging five goals and four assists.

However, with astronomical pressure on his shoulders, the Ghanaian-born athlete faded away. But after experiencing a new lease on life, he’s ready to dive back in.

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Freddy Adu is ready for his eagerly-anticipated comeback

Speaking to, he said: “I know that I must get fit and haven’t played for a while. So I would have to go in and do trials, which will need me to be super fit. I’m at the point where I’m prepared to do that, and so it will be this summer, and hopefully, it goes according to plan, that there are some doors that open, and I can have the opportunity to get back to playing.

“I don’t know what opportunities will come, but I must be ready for any opportunity that comes. I’m not going to say I’m too good for anyone. Everything in my being wants to get back to playing the game that I love and miss. I miss the atmosphere, I miss the locker room, I miss training every day in the morning, being around the guys – I miss it all.”

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And while Adu is excited to see what he has left in the tank, he’s also determined to give back to the next generation.

He continued: “I’ve been from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea. I think I’ll also bring a lot of good mentorship to the younger players. If people want to reach out to me – be it clubs or youngsters – I’m happy to take the call, because I’ve seen it. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t work hard and nurture that talent, it’s going to come back and bite you.”

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