Andrew Tate settles beef with True Geordie

After years of exchanging heavy blows, Andrew Tate has made the decision to bury the hatchet with True Geordie.

The pair of internet titans have been going head-to-head for several years now, after the Newcastle YouTuber mocked the former kickboxing star on his weekly show ‘True News’.

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In a segment surrounding Tate, Geordie slated the standard of women the entrepreneur was claiming to pull, saying, “Your ba**ing s***s, mate.”

This deeply angered Tate, who challenged his nemesis to a boxing match, which never came to fruition.

And several years later, the American-born fighter has come forward to give his side of the story.

Andrew Tate and True Geordie go back a long way

In a recent interview with James English, the 3x ISKA and 1x Enfusion title holder recounted the origin of their rivalry.

He said: “That’s old beef, and truthfully, I don’t hold anything against the guy. I don’t have any real grudges against these people. But sometimes the nature of the internet is that when everybody is trying to get attention, they say and do dumb s**t.

“He started a beef with me when I had a Twitter account long ago and a webcam company, and he said all the girls who work for me are wh**es.

“I just replied, saying, ‘Listen, there’s a whole group of women who’ve seen you call them whores, and you don’t know who these people are, and that’s quite misogynistic. You shouldn’t be calling a bunch of people you don’t know names. They have children and some of them have husbands and you don’t know who they are’.”

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Soon after, intimate screenshots leaked of a private conversation Geordie had engaged in with a female, and Tate used them as ammunition.

The 36-year-old laughed: “He started it, he was particularly aggressive, thought he was a tough guy. But just a week later those screenshots came out, so I had to mention it. I ran with that for a while, so he didn’t like me.”

Tate himself claims to have been the victim of a leaking scandal. During his stint on Big Brother in 2016, a clip emerged of him threatening and brutally whipping a female to the point in which she became extremely distressed. However, the pair have released separate videos saying they were merely engaging in role-play.

Andrew Tate and True Geordie have one of the biggest beefs on the internet

Trouble then struck again for Geordie after what was intended as a lighthearted joke landed him in hot water. But as time has gone on, Tate has forgiven the towering Brit.

Tate explained: “Then when I converted to Islam, he said, I should blow myself up and he lost all his sponsorships and got in a lot of trouble for that one. It’s a stupid thing to say. But it is what it is, I have no real genuine beef with him. I could sit here and make fun of him, but beef over what?

“I do have enemies in the world and I do know who they are. But they’re not on social media, let’s put it that way. This YouTube s**t is amateur. It’s kind of below me.”


YouTube video

He continued: “I don’t want to say too much on this podcast, but I’m living in Romania and I’m affluent and I think people here are smart enough to understand what I’m saying. I have real enemies. Do you think I’m interested in some YouTube beef?

“If I had an actual problem with him, it’d be over. There would be no YouTube channel for him. I don’t give a s**t about this YouTube beef and ‘He made a video, so I’ll make one back’. It’s gay, it’s so gay.”

Tate is currently out of prison, having officially spent several months in a cell under human trafficking allegations, which he denies. Geordie has made a plethora of videos about this, particularly taking aim at Tate’s alleged ‘Loverboy method’.

The government’s explanation of this tactic is as follows: “Traditionally, a loverboy seduces young, vulnerable girls and boys over a lengthy period of time, in order to exploit them sexually later on.”

Featured Image Credit: James English & True Geordie