Announcer fined for insulting Cristiano Ronaldo and his mother Dolores

A Porto announcer has landed in hot water after insulting Cristiano Ronaldo and his family on social media.

Fernando Saul, who operates as a support liaison officer as well to his role behind the microphone, allegedly posted stories in which he called Ronaldo a “pig” and called Juventus “Italian thieves”, as per Football Italia.

He then launched an attack on Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores, naming her a “toothless crone”.

One of his statements read: “‘Let’s take revenge on the pig Ronaldo for what he did to O Dragao [Porto]. What a proud breed, this is Porto. Now I’m waiting for the video of Dolores and the other toothless family members.”

Saul has since apologised for the tirade but The Portuguese Federation, the game’s governing body in Portugal, slapped the announcer with a fine of €1,430 (approximately £1,220), of which must be paid to Ronaldo.

The comments were reported to Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo’s former club, who were said to be appalled by insults.

Sister revenge

Ronaldo is yet to make a response to the comments, but his sister, Katia Aveiro, has launched an attack right back at Saul.

“You are the pig,” she wrote to the Porto-affiliated microphone operator – per The Metro.

“Clean your mouth to talk about who you will neither reach in this life nor in 1000 more lives,

“We are going to give a little protagonism to an ignorant and clearly disturbed person. Futebol Clube do Porto is not to blame for these wretched people who in no way represent the club (which I respect and where I have great friends and they know it).

“What a pity these comments (disrespecting above all a symbol of our country), but look, despite everything, I support Porto in the Champions League, it does not deserve certain fans and that is why I, with or without teeth, am humble. And Portuguese.

“I look forward to a day when I meet you face to face. Me, my mum and my brothers and see if you have them … in place and talk to our face.”

Featured image credit: Getty