Anthony Joshua diet: How ‘AJ’ prepares himself for big fights

To win the heavyweight championship of the world, you need to dedicate yourself to the spartan lifestyle, meaning Anthony Joshua has a diet that is one of the strictest in boxing.

On August 20, AJ fights Oleksandr Usyk in one of the biggest fights of the year. Having lost the first bout via decision, the Brit desperately needs to produce a winning performance. In the early portion of the first encounter, Joshua held his own, and even landed an array of powerful right hands.

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However, as the rounds rolled on, the Ukrainian snapped into gear and began bamboozling the bigger man with his mesmerising footwork. Ultimately, like many other fighters, Joshua couldn’t solve the Rubik’s Cube. Due to that, he had to surrender his three titles.

This time around, rather than boxing the boxer, he has to devise a game plan to render the new champ unconscious. But to do that, he’ll have to head into the eye of the storm, and there’s no guarantee of how that will work out.

Anthony Joshua has a world-class diet

In addition to the gruelling training, the boxer makes sure to stick to a regimented eating routine. In a GQ profile, before his collision with Alexander Povetkin, he claimed he indulges in up to 5000 calories a day and avoids white rice, cheese and gluten.

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Joshua explained: “The first thing I do in the morning is drink a litre of water. That helps me get my metabolism going.

“I’ll have some fruit, so it’s not too heavy for my stomach. I’ll then have a proper breakfast, which is what most people have for lunch, because I’m eating at around 11am: Rice, chicken, vegetables and sweet potatoes. Sometimes, I’ll switch it up, and have pork instead. If I want a snack, it’ll be either yoghurt and honey or meringues.

“By dinner, I’ll have completed all of my main training sessions, so I’ll have red meat or fish: steak or salmon with pasta, whole grain rice or quinoa, and vegetables.

“I do allow myself to indulge every once in a while, even when I’m training. I’m lucky enough to have a trainer who prepares homemade protein bars, and protein shakes, for me. I may also have something like a mousse or a yoghurt.”

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