Away fans could reportedly return before the Premier League season ends

The Premier League is reportedly set to confirm the return of away fans to grounds before the end of the current season.

For over a year now fans haven’t been allowed to make the trip to away days, with very few home supporters being allowed in attendance alongside them. Now, though, as per a report by The Times, all that could be set to change – and we won’t even have to wait until next season to see it.

The return of limbs?

That’s because Richard Masters, the Premier League’s chief executive, has written to all 20 EPL clubs to confirm the government’s plans to relax rules on away day travel after May 17.

Masters’ letter is said to say: “Government has informed us that, as Covid-19 indicators continue to improve, it is planning to relax the ‘no away fans’ stipulation from the Stage Five Guidance, governing the playing of our final match rounds in season 2020-21.

“The return of fans and ultimately full stadiums remains our primary goal, therefore our view is that we must accept the opportunity to host as wide a range of supporters as possible. 

“That being the case, the Executive proposes an away ticket allocation of 5 per cent of available capacity (a maximum of 500 away fans) at round 37 and 38 matches, respecting the £30 away ticket price cap.”

“This policy is designed to accommodate away supporters, maximise home fan numbers and reduce the likelihood of SAG resistance.”

While it may not be the full stadiums fans are desperate to see, it’s definitely a start.

There are supporters up and down the country who use going to the game as their own personal therapy. Whether it be by themselves or with family and friends, it’s a ritual that we’re counting down the days to see return.

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