Barcelona fans filmed mourning loss of Lionel Messi outside Nou Camp

Footage has been released of Barcelona fans gathering outside the Nou Camp to mourn the departure of Lionel Messi.

After much speculation over his future, it was confirmed last night that Messi will not be returning to play for Barca due to the club not being able to afford the move. It brings an end to the Argentine’s two-decade-long stay with the Spanish giants as supporters across the globe continue to get their head around the idea of him playing elsewhere next season.

What comes next for Leo?

Barcelona have paid tribute to the man many consider to be the greatest of all time with Messi himself reportedly being “shocked” by the news that financial restrictions will ensure he has to take his talents to another club.

The club’s own fans, understandably, have been struggling to process the move, with the following images and videos just about confirming that.

A lot of folks are already choosing to focus their attention on what he’ll do next but in reality, that’s not the point here. Barcelona’s identity has been perfectly aligned with Messi’s for so long now that it’s baffling to think the two won’t be associated with one another anymore.

Perhaps there will come a time in the future whereby he could make his way back over to the Nou Camp but as of this writing, you’d have to think his playing days are instead going to take him to Paris or Manchester – or perhaps even back to Argentina.

Okay, we’re hypocrites, but it’s hard not to feel invested.

Featured image credit: Getty