Bobby Green makes a compelling argument for increasing the UFC fight bonus

A UFC fight bonus could be life-changing for some fighters.

While Conor McGregor is unlikely to bat an eyelid at an extra $50,000 floating his way, those at the start of the career rely on this money.

Fight careers provide for more than just the fighter. You have a team, you have a gym, you have a diet to follow, and a family back home to provide for. The costs wrack up, and the sport is dominated by headlines about fighter pay.

The average annual salary of a UFC fighter is reportedly $148,000, but considering the immense physical toll they put themselves through, many have argued that this is not worth it.

For some, the only way to pump up their earnings is to earn one of the bonuses given out each night.

But now, one veteran fighter has drawn attention to the prize behind these bonuses.

A joke about the UFC fight bonus that highlights an important issue

Discussing the fight bonus is not common among fighters, perhaps because they do not want to annoy the man in charge of handing them out: Dana White.

But, speaking before UFC 761, Bobby Green drew attention to the $50k figure.

“I was making a little joke,” he said

“I was in the back, and I go, ‘we’ve been giving away 50gs for 25 years. Y’all haven’t heard of inflation?’”

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While Green may have been joking, it highlights an important topic: these bonuses that are crucial to some have not risen with inflation.

Bonuses have been around since UFC 70, but since UFC 158 in 2013, the maximum typically given out has remained $50,000.

Considering Dana White has been unwilling to budge on fighters’ salaries at all, it seems even more unlikely he would be willing to increase the bonuses without significant pressure.

Who is Bobby Green?

Bobby Green is a veteran of the UFC. He made his debut in 2013 when he defeated Jacob Volkmann via a rear-naked choke.

As a lightweight, the highest ranking he reached was No. 12. But at the start of his UFC career, he put together a run of four wins.

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Unfortunately for the American, he then lost the next three – one of which was against Dustin Poirier – and lost his momentum. 

He has earned a bonus five times in his career, including one submission of the night, one performance of the night and three fights of the night.

The 35-year-old is also one of the most active fighters, and in 2020, he fought four times, winning all but one.

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In his last fight, he recorded an impressive knockout over Al Iaquinta at UFC 268.

Now he is preparing to fight Nasrat Haqparast at UFC 271.