Boxing expert claims Mike Tyson will turn Francis Ngannou into a wrecking machine for Tyson Fury fight

In a fight in which very few people are giving Francis Ngannou a chance, one boxing legend has taken an opposing view, suggesting that under the tutelage of Mike Tyson, the UFC star might have a chance of teaching Tyson Fury a lesson.

While many wanted to see ‘The Gypsy King’ test his boxing brain against Oleksandr Usyk or his brawn in a titanic battle with Anthony Joshua, we instead have to settle with a circus bout against an MMA fighter.

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While in the cage, ‘The Predator’ is nothing short of terrifying, he’s undeniably unproven in the ring.

Having never had a boxing match, the odds of Ngannou finding a way to solve the Fury puzzle are absolutely astronomical.

Even with his formidable power, common sense suggests that the Cameroonian will miss everything he throws en route to eventually gassing and ultimately being stopped.

However, with ‘Iron Mike’ in his corner, the great Roy Jones Jr believes that the powerhouse genuinely has a chance.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou is on the horizon

On October 28 in Saudi Arabia, the two heavyweight titans will clash in one of the most outrageous bouts in combat sports history.

And in an exclusive interview with Sporting Post, Jones Jr explained why Tyson’s influence will play dividends.

He said: “You have to love Fury vs Ngannou. Everybody else is doing it, why can’t he? It’s an interesting fight. If Ngannou hits you, it could be fatal. He can punch, and if he catches you right, he can be a problem. He hasn’t had any pro boxing experience, but he does have fighting experience, and he knows how to punch – so fighting experience, he knows how to punch, and Dewey Cooper and Mike Tyson are training him – they are going to put him in position to land that one shot he needs. And in boxing, guess what, it only takes one.”


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He continued: “Mike Tyson will try to turn Francis Ngannou into a wrecking machine. That’s what he needs to be and why he probably brought Tyson in. You can’t stand outside and box Tyson Fury, he’s going to kill you. So you got to go in there and try and wreck him, and if you don’t, you’re going to lose. In a 12-round boxing match, there’s no way you can beat Fury. He knows too much, and that’s what he does, so you have got to turn into a Mike Tyson style wrecking ball.”

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