Brock Lesnar delivers terrifying challenge to WWE fans planning to attack wrestlers

Brock Lesnar has issued a stern warning to WWE fans after last year’s attack on Seth Rollins.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Lesnar discussed several topics with the panel.

However, there was one talking point that got the Beast going.

Asked about the shocking incident involving Rollins, Lesnar sent down the gauntlet for any fan looking to try the same on him:

“I f***ing dare somebody,” exclaimed Lesnar.

Storming to his feet whilst grabbing the microphone, Lesnar continued:

“I dare the next fool,” screamed the South Dakota born fighter.

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During the hostile stunt, Lesnar accidentally broke the microphone stand, adding to the list of equipment he’d damaged whilst on the show.

Earlier in the interview, Lesnar had demolished the table that was housing his original microphone.

The reason? Nobody, including Lesnar, was quite sure.

Lesnar showing new side after Rollins warning

In fact, it came during a highly entertaining performance on the Pat McAfee show, with many enjoying this newfound side to Lesnar.

Previously criticised for lacking charisma, fans have recently warmed to the professional wrestler after a number of public appearances.

Lesnar went viral earlier this year, after throwing ‘Wee-Man’ from Jackass through a table in the middle of a restaurant.

Discussing the incident during his Pat McAfee Show appearance, Lesnar explained how it came about:

“I was walking out the restaurant, and Wee-Man peacocked me. I picked him up and put him straight back down through the table.”

An interesting approach to dealing with unwanted fan interactions and one Lesnar has not ruled out using in the ring.

Stunned by the attack on fellow fighter Rollins, Lesnar was quick to explain he’d take matters into his own hands if a fan tried to get at him.

It comes only days before Lesnar and Rollins will face off in this year’s Elimination Chamber.

Set to be the 12th edition under the title Elimination Chamber, the 2022 event has caused controversy due to its location.

Organisers have taken the event outside the United States for the first time, controversially moving it to Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar will be looking to avenge defeat suffered to Bobby Lashley in last month’s Royal Rumble, when he takes to the ring this weekend.