Seth Rollins fan attack: The crazy unscripted moment on WWE Monday Night Raw

Last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw was interrupted by a bizarre Seth Rollins fan attack. We provide the details of what happened when worlds collided.

The WWE universe is a crazy place that is full of twists and turns. It is what Vince McMahon calls ‘sports entertainment’, a merging of supreme athleticism and soap opera drama. Millions of fans from around the world tune in to every show, and a lucky few thousand are able to watch the drama play out live in packed arenas.

Unfortunately, however, the show is sometimes so compelling that certain fans feel the need to insert themselves into the action.

Seth Rollins was the target of one passionate WWE fan on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Rollins, whose nickname is ‘The Architect’, had finished constructing an assault on fan favourite Finn Balor when the incident took place.

It was a completely unscripted moment.

What happened?

Rollins was walking away from the ring, happy with a job well done. For the benefit of the fans watching from home, he was staring menacingly into the camera, operated by a man backing up speedily, as he walked up the ramp to the backstage area. Then, with the timing of a veteran pro, a wild fan rounded the corner at sprinting speed.

YouTube video

Luckily for Rollins, he saw the fan right before he speared him to the ground. This awareness allowed Rollins to quickly adapt to a headlock attempt while referees and security ran to his aid. The fan was a big guy, and it took some effort to restrain him. Rollins was free within a matter of seconds, though. He quickly shrugged it off and turned his attention back to Balor as he continued to make his way backstage. 

Why did the fan target Seth Rollins?

Who knows what goes in the heads of attackers? 

Perhaps he was having a bad day and wanted to make it worse by exposing himself to an almighty whupping from men trained to do that kind of thing.

The WWE intends to press charges, too. We don’t know the whole story of this man’s motivations, and perhaps we never will.

Maybe the reason is that Rollins is too good at his job. The WWE superstar plays the heel role well, knowing to work up a crowd to the point that they want to attempt an assault. It is a strange badge of honour. Rollins has a history of this kind of incident happening too. Yes, a Seth Rollins fan attack has occurred in the past.

There was the time that a fan jumped over the barricade during his entrance and walked down beside him. That wasn’t particularly menacing, but it also wasn’t welcome or as funny as the guy wanted it to be. 

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And we can’t forget about the buffoon who hopped the barricade and climbed into the ring while he was shooting a promo. Buffoon is the only word for people who act out in this way. Don’t be a buffoon, please. We would hate to call you a buffoon. 

Is Seth Rollins okay?

Yes. Physically, at least. Rollins came out for further action later in the evening. He is more than used to taking a few bumps. However, exposure to this kind of incident could shake his trust in fans going forward. Perhaps a healthy degree of caution isn’t the worst thing to pick up from this fiasco.