Brooke Hogan asks why there’s no wrestling union, finds out the awkward truth

Brooke Hogan found herself in an uncomfortable situation after she questioned why WWE doesn’t have a wrestler’s union.

Vince McMahon is undeniably one of the greatest businessmen on the planet. You don’t create a $5.71 billion company without knowing what you’re doing. However, you don’t become that successful without screwing a few people along the way. These people make ruthless decisions, which often trickle down the pyramid.

WWE classifies the superstars as independent contractors as opposed to employees. This has received mass backlash as it prevents the performers from claiming the benefits of full-time employees.

McMahon does not provide athletes with health insurance. Furthermore, despite covering airfare, the wrestlers are expected to purchase their own ground travel, hotels and food. In addition, they are not allowed to unionise. This hurts the superstars in multiple areas. But sadly, part of the blame falls on one of their own.

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Brooke Hogan discusses why there is no wrestlers union

Speaking on camera at a recent convention, Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke, brought up the lack of a union in WWE. However, addressing the issue opened up a can of worms for the American television personality.

Speaking to the ‘Best Thing Since Wrestling‘ YouTube channel, she said: “It’s funny because I was talking to Brittney Page, Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, and we were like, ‘Why isn’t there a wrestling union?’

“I gave it a Google, and I really don’t want to dive into that.”

The interviewer, visibly amused by this, fired back with a massive hint, ‘There’s one reason,” to which Hogan agitatedly replied, “There’s a reason.” The interviewer pushed the matter, “And his name is,” before the 33-year-old shot him down, “I don’t know. I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

Given how heavy the hinting was and how quickly Hogan wished to move on, we think that she was aware of the perpetrator.

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Hulk Hogan prevented a wrestler’s union

You don’t really need a union when you’re the wealthiest wrestler on the roster, so who cares if other people do? A fortnight prior to Wrestlemania 2, Jesse Ventura tried to fire up the troops. But as per Wrestling, in a brownie-winning performance, Hulk Hogan warned McMahon of the roster’s plans.

As Ventura details in the video below, the revelation came out during McMahon’s deposition in court. Ventura had previously considered Hogan to be a friend.

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The chairman threatened to fire Ventura and put any hopes of a union to bed. And 36 years later, we’re still in the same boat.