Caitlyn Schrepfer explains how to juggle a watermelon at the 2023 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships

From oranges to tennis balls and even mobile phones, Red Bull Street Style Global Champion, Caitlyn Schrepfer, can juggle absolutely anything, including watermelons.

Blessed with flare, style, talent and charisma, the American has solidified her place as the best in the sport, with her eagerly-anticipated title defence coming later tonight at the glorious Dock Dome in Brussels, Belgium. And while she’ll only be showcasing her skills with a football when she takes to the stage, it’s fair to say that she’s capable of so much more.

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Red Bull Street Style Global Champion Caitlyn Schrepfer explains how to juggle with a watermelon

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, she revealed: “I don’t recommend it, but I have juggled a watermelon. If you try it, expect it to be really heavy and make sure that you take care of your ankles while you’re doing it. Don’t try and smack it, and don’t expect to get more than five juggles.”

Regularly rendering crowds stunned with her slick footwork and outrageous moves, all wrapped up in a confident package that sends shivers down the back of her opponents’ spines, Schrepfer is undeniably one of the favourites to win this evening’s competition. However, her road to victory, couldn’t get much tougher with a quarter-final match-up scheduled against Venezuelan star and 15x Guinness World Record holder, Laura Biondo.

The 27-year-old said: “It kind of feels like my career is coming full circle because Laura was my first ever international battle, so it’ll be fun to match up with her again, gosh, eight years later, I feel old, haha.”

Caitlyn Schrepfer plans to showcase her warrior heart at the 2023 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships

While the Los Angeles baller has the God-given talent to impress the judges and leave her opponents speechless, her success didn’t come overnight. In a testament to her fighting spirit, she turned sustaining an injury into an opportunity to excel in an entirely new realm.


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She explained: “I started like most do as a footballer, and I was a goalkeeper; fun fact of the day. And I was always told that goalkeepers have to be the best player on the field don’t argue with me. So, I always lived by that principle, but I couldn’t juggle. However, I picked up an injury in high school, so I couldn’t do anything but juggle for three months, so I got pretty good at it. I joined a freestyle team and on a whim joined my first competition six months into it.”

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / Red Bull