Erlend Fagerli on epic final with his brother and winning one last Red Bull Street Style Global Championship

In a journey that few siblings ever go on, Erlend Fagerli and his brother, Brynjar, have taken over the freestyle football world.

In their younger years, after watching some of the hottest talents in the sport on YouTube, the pair became hooked, dedicating everything in their power to making it to the top. And after over a decade of hard work, the duo collided in the sensational final of the 2022 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships in a Croatian Colosseum.

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Throughout their journies, the popular brothers stuck together through thick and thin, encouraging each other to reach their maximum potential. And it’s fair to say through creativity and hard work, the pair have done just that, mesmerising fans with their various flips and tricks.

However, when it came to final time, they both put everything on the line in a bid to solidify their position as the best on the planet. In a match that encapsulated emotion, sibling rivalry and unrivalled physical talent, the brothers produced a spectacle of the like of which we’d never previously seen. But there could only be one winner. following such a stunning encounter, it was Erlend who was announced the victor.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he said: “That was such an unreal experience, especially in that venue and playing my brother in the final. We had dreamed of meeting in that way. We both performed at our best, and I edged it, which was cool. It was a really special moment for us.”

Erlend Fagerli on the road he’s shared with his brother

In a tale that embodies heart, determination and sibling love at its finest, the pair have changed the landscape of the game, giving freestyle football the platform it undeniably deserves.

Fagerli beamed: “It’s been a brother project to do freestyle. The first five years, we did it as a hobby but then we decided to see how good we could be. We train five or six times a week, twice a day. It’s been such a good journey; it’s given me incredible trips and the chance to meet amazing people. I love pushing my limits.”

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Erlend Fagerli wants to win one last Red Bull Street Style Global Championship

The phrase ‘Enjoy them while they’re here’ perfectly summarises how fans feel about Fagerli. Tonight, the legend will compete at the 2023 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships in Brussels, Belgium, in the last tournament of his career.

Having given his blood, sweat and tears to the sport, the Norwegian icon will walk out and put it all on the line, knowing that this is the last time he’ll perform on the grandest stage of them all. And with so much emotion, he’ll aim to showcase all the moves and tricks that have cemented his status as the greatest of all time.


He concluded: “It is true. This is my last competitive season and my last competition. I’m going to do my best and go out with a bang. I see lots of freestylers trying my tricks and concepts, and that’s really nice to see. They can use that as a base before finding their own style.”

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