Canelo Alvarez didn’t react well to Oscar De La Hoya’s criticism

Canelo Alvarez has lashed out at former promoter Oscar De La Hoya for implying he’s ducking Jermell Charlo.

For many years Alvarez and De La Hoya had a solid working relationship, with De La Hoya helping Canelo become the star he is today. However, ever since they parted ways, things appear to be less than amicable between them.

Alvarez and De La Hoya – forgotten friends

De La Hoya has recently been teasing a comeback of his own to the ring whereas Alvarez is busy establishing himself as the pound-for-pound king. In the following exchange, though, it becomes clear that they’re at boiling point.

“Please, this guy does everything wrong, head up when he throws hooks, on his heels, flat footed. What else? Oh he avoids @twincharlo” said De La Hoya.

Canelo responded: “Oh really you want me to talk??? f*cking traidor!!”

He doubled down with a second comment: “Do me a favor and go f*ck yourself!”

It’s rare to hear to see the Mexican engaging in that kind of thing, though he was hardly going to sit by and take it.

Boxing has always been a complicated business with many different organisations throwing their weight around. At this stage in his career, Alvarez is interested in one thing and one thing only – becoming the best.

He’s rarely, if ever, engaged in the political side of the game, but that’s changing as time goes on.

Canelo wants to fight the best and Oscar De La Hoya wants to do what he can to help the fighters on his roster. When you combine those two things, given the personalities involved, there’s bound to be some kind of tension.

Charlo is a rising star for many with Canelo already being a made man. If the fight happens then Alvarez would likely be the favourite, but the build-up may be the most intense part of the whole thing.

Charlo is set to fight Brian Castaño on July 17 with Canelo most recently beating Billy Joe Saunders last month.

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