Carragher and Neville exchange outrageous below-the-belt digs online

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville took part in a heated Twitter exchange on Monday morning – and there were certainly some shots fired by both men.

The exchange was kick-started by a number of tweets posted by Neville directed at train company Avanti over a lack of cutlery on a train en route to London, ahead of tonight’s edition of Monday Night Football.

He started by tweeting: “Excelling themselves again @AvantiWestCoast.

“We haven’t loaded any cutlery packs this morning. Forget assessing Ronaldo on MNF tonight I’m covering this lot. Absolute shambles of a company.”

Carragher quickly picked up on Neville’s complaints and posted a photo of himself on a different Avanti train – with cutlery in hand.

That then kicked off a Twitter exchange between the two – including digs at Neville’s ownership of Salford City, Carragher’s column for the Daily Telegraph and independent regulators.

Neville tweeted: “You lot sold out to beat tiered lockdowns, won all the pilot events post CV and you’re now celebrating a private contract partner of a Tory government.

“You write for the Telegraph, drink red wine and stay in a 5 star hotel on Whitehall.

“Mr James Carragher Ladies and Gentlemen!”

Carragher then quipped: “The Roman Abramovich of League 2, who wants an independent regulator to the regulate the Glazers but not the class of 92, used his testimonial money to build a hotel for the fans (they still have to pay & Sat was his biggest taking, let’s analyse that bit of Ronaldo on MNF!)”

Neville then ended the discussion with a final response to Carragher:

We sense Monday Night Football – between Everton and Burnley -will definitely be worth tuning in for tonight.

Featured Image Credit: Getty