Chase Claypool is searching for the next NFL star at Chicago Bears’ Mini Monsters clinic

Having achieved so many incredible things in his career, Chicago Bears icon, Chase Claypool, is on the hunt to discover the future of the NFL.

The Canadian sportsman flew to the UK for the Mini Monsters camp in London, and he was blown away by the talent on display.

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With ferocious pace and formidable skills, the 24-year-old has solidified his place among the most exciting players on the planet. But in a testament to his character, he’s remained humble and loves offering his support to the next generation.

Showcasing his immense enthusiasm, he got stuck into the action himself.

Speaking exclusively to Sporf, he said: “We have a little quarterback drill over here on my right. There’s also a one-on-one tackle challenge. I’m going to go check that out and see who got the moves over there.”

“I love being here with the kids, and they’re running around. I’m trying to give some encouragement, but I also want to throw in some competitive vibes, because while at the end of the day, you wanna have fun, you always gotta compete a little bit. So it’s been cool to be out here seeing the kids play football, especially out here in London.

Chase Claypool couldn’t believe the standard at the Chicago Bears’ Mini Monsters clinic

When the wide receiver boarded his flight, he never could’ve predicted the natural athleticism of the children. And it’s fair to say it took him by surprise.

“The kids have talent. It’s crazy that they’ve never played this sport before, but you see them with the football in their hands, and they look like naturals. So it’s cool to see how gifted some of these kids are, and they would have never even known it if the Mini Monsters camp wasn’t around.” 

And Chase knows all too well that making it in this sport all starts off with a dream.

He beamed: “One of these kids at this camp could very well be in the NFL. You just never really know. You can never say that isn’t a possibility because it happened to me. So to see some of these kids who are so athletic, flying around and making plays already, it’s a good sign for European American Football.” 


Chase Claypool is an incredible ambassador for The Chicago Bears

Watching the children throwing the ball, diving into tackles and stealing each other’s flags, struck up a lot of emotion for Claypool.

Reminiscing over his journey to the top, he said: “This is how I started. I began playing football during recess or playtime at school, and then it translated to Tackle Football, then College and then The NFL.

“So it all started with this — these camps right here. So it does turn the clock back. And I remember wearing the shirts wanting them to get signed, and doing the drills as hard as I could, so it’s super cool to be back here.”

From a schoolboy who dreamed of playing on the grandest stage of them all, to a professional athlete who’s achieved everything he ever wanted — Claypool is in love with the sport and everything it’s given to him.

And that’s why he’s so thankful for the opportunity to give the kids memories they’ll never forget.

The sporting great concluded: “To have been in their shoes and then finally be in the position that I wanted my whole life — it’s so important to give back.

“The fact that Mini Monsters is going around and doing these things is so cool. So I had to do it. It wasn’t a choice for me. It was something I wanted to do, and being able to be a global ambassador has been a blessing.”

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