Chris Jericho and MVP reportedly involved in confrontation in hotel lobby

In what seems to be some cross-federation feuding, AEW’s Chris Jericho and MVP reportedly had a heated confrontation in a hotel lobby.

Jericho used to work alongside MVP, also known as Montel Vontavious Porter, in the WWE. However, Y2J left the federation and signed with upstart rival All Elite Wrestling.

Meanwhile, MVP returned to Vince McMahon’s company in 2020, managing numerous talents on-screen. Before this, Porter had left WWE in 2010.

Despite the different career paths, what the pair do have in common is enviable accolades.

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Currently managing Omos after betraying Bobby Lashley, MVP recently recovered from having knee surgery toward the end of last year. Before that, Porter claimed many a wrestling title.

MVP backed up his brash personality early in his career by claiming the United States Championship – a belt that he would win twice. Impressively, Porter first held the belt for a massive 343 days. To go with this, MVP also won a WWE Raw Tag Team Championship with Matt Hardy, even though the pair were feuding at the time.

Chris Jericho, meanwhile, can one-up the success of MVP. A nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, four-time World Tag Team Champion, and three-time World Heavyweight Champion, Jericho has won practically everything in wrestling.

He also holds the honour of being WWE’s first Undisputed Champion, beating The Rock and Stone Cold on the same night. This is a stunning record to own if you consider the talent on the roster in the early 2000s.

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As mentioned earlier, Le Champion exited the WWE and instead searched for a new challenge. After switching to AEW, Jericho became the inaugural AEW World Champion, defeating Adam Page in 2019.

Now, reports have circulated detailing a confrontation between Jericho and Porter. Considering that these two superstars are not even in the same company anymore, this is surprising, to say the least.

Chris Jericho and MVP confront each other

A report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed the heated situation that occurred. MVP found Jericho in a hotel lobby following the AEW Dynamite event on May 18th in Houston.

According to reports, Jericho was talking to Matt Hardy, then Porter showed up, and the pair started arguing. Initially, others in the lobby thought they were just messing around, but the situation quickly became tense.

Mercifully, the confrontation did not break out into a full-blown brawl. Instead, Chris Jericho told MVP that he doesn’t fight jobbers, before getting into a hotel lift. This left MVP cutting an angry figure in the hotel lobby, with WrestlingNews claiming that he was screaming about the row.

Some fans claimed that this stems from a falling out on Twitter.

After the US Presidential elections in 2020, Jericho tweeted his thoughts on the vote count.

“I’m not a political person, but is it strange to anybody else, that for the first time ever, we have to wait a day… 2 days… 5 days… 10 days… to find out who won the Presidential race?” tweeted Jericho.

In response, MVP simply put: “Delete this.”

Porter has since claimed that the AEW star blocked him on the social media platform after this brief exchange. In April 2021, MVP then confirmed this via Twitter by saying he cannot see any content that Jericho posts.

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