Cody Rhodes shares photos of how pectoral bruising developed before Hell in a Cell

WWE star Cody Rhodes has posted a series of photos which show how the bruising on his right pectoral muscle developed before Hell in a Cell.

Rhodes was booked to face Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match at the event. However, before the match got underway, rumours circulated that the ‘American Nightmare’ had suffered an injury and may not compete.

While the second part of those rumours turned out to be untrue, unfortunately, the first part was genuine. WWE addressed Rhodes’ injury in a statement before the event.

They said: “What is accurate is Rhodes suffered a partially torn right pectoral during a brawl with Rollins this past Monday on RAW.

“Rhodes kept this very quiet, but on Friday, while weight training in preparation for his match, the tendon tore completely off the bone.

“Nonetheless, being the man and the competitor that he is, Rhodes has vowed to still face Rollins inside Hell in a Cell tonight.”

The ‘American Nightmare’ did appear at the event. However, when he took off his trademark coat to reveal the extent of the bruising of his pectoral muscle, fans were shocked.

Rhodes effectively competed for 25 minutes with one arm. He pulled off numerous springboard spots and even got hit by a sledgehammer to the injured muscle.

Cody Rhodes in a defiant mood on Raw

Despite the scale of his injury – torn pectoral muscles can result in around six months on the sidelines – Rhodes was still buoyant on the latest edition of WWE.

The American confirmed he would be having surgery on the muscle this Wednesday. However, he hopes to be back for the Money in the Bank premium live event. That takes place on July 2 – in under four weeks.

It would be an incredible effort for Rhodes to make it to the event. After what happened at Hell in a Cell, however, you gather he would be up for anything.

Rhodes walked out of the arena to a standing ovation. He was then attacked by Seth Rollins one last time for his troubles.

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Rhodes shares the progression of injury

It is fair to say that, whilst the injury itself surprised fans, the most shocking nature of Rhodes’ torn muscle was the bruising that came with it.

The left side of his chest was almost entirely purple and red. The bruising worsened as the match went on.

Posting to Instagram, Cody Rhodes has shown how the bruising began on his arm, and how it developed in the days leading up to Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
Image Credits: Cody Rhodes / Instagram

Since posting the images, Rhodes has given fans a further update. The entire left side of his body is now a mixture of yellow and purple.

The fact that all this happened in just a number of days shows the extent of Rhodes’ injury. It also shows the path he faces to get back to full fitness. If anyone can, however, the ‘American Nightmare’ can – and in good time.

Featured Image Credit: WWE / YouTube