Conor McGregor appears to agree with Daniel Cormier

Conor McGregor has shown respect to Daniel Cormier for including him in a list of his top five “can’t miss” UFC fighters.

Over the course of the last few weeks Cormier has fallen into McGregor’s firing line with the Irishman hurling a string of insults at his fellow two-weight world champion. The pair went back and forth on social media until the whole charade seemed to fizzle out, with McGregor now choosing to focus on his recovery from the leg break he suffered at UFC 264.

The best of friends

Cormier, who does a lot of work with ESPN, recently put together a list of five UFC fighters from throughout the history of the promotion that he considers to be can’t miss – and McGregor was at the top of the pile.

In response, Conor actually decided to show Cormier some respect with their beef seemingly being squashed – for the time being, that is.

“Fair, although I would say I am 1 thru 5 before other comes in, but I understand. Respect Daniel, carry on, god bless. Nice one mate, get a bottle of 12 onto the set now. You were seen! @ProperWhiskey has landed The Big P @laura_sanko @espn #tasty #forbesnumber1”

It almost goes without saying that McGregor has decided to revert back to his “heel” persona in professional wrestling terms, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still show respect as and when he sees fit. After all, he spends more time on Twitter these days than most of his fellow fighters.

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