Conor McGregor hit by a car and knocked off his bike

In a near-disastrous accident, a driver, dazzled by the sun, ploughed through Conor McGregor with his car.

The former two-weight world champion claims that his fundamental skills, learned through a lifetime of training in martial arts, “saved his life”, as without them, he “could have been dead.”

YouTube video

The Dubliner had been supposedly riding his bicycle without a care in the world, when he was suddenly struck from behind.

He posted on Instagram: “Thank you, God, it wasn’t my time.

“Thank you wrestling and judo also. Having an awareness on the landing saved my life.”

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‘The Notorious’ posted a video, in which he documents the incident and consoles an apologetic driver who proceeded to give him a lift home.

In the clip, the Irishman tells the individual that he is “all good” as the motorist says he’s “totally sorry”.

A reflective McGregor claims: “That’s nasty. I could have been dead there.”

Will this car crash stop Conor McGregor from returning to the cage?

The global superstar has been out of action since sustaining a broken leg against Dustin Poirier 18 months ago. The severity of the injury has resulted in the fighter having to undergo extensive rehab. And while he doesn’t appear to have picked up any long-lasting damage from the crash, we don’t know for sure what impact this incident will have.

YouTube video

During his absence from the cage, he’s piled on the muscle, leading fans to believe that he may return at a higher weight class. However, the rumour mill is rife that he will make his long-awaited reintruduction to the spotlight as a coach of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ with Tony Ferguson as his rival.

Featured Image Credit: Conor McGregor