Exclusive: Ernesta Kareckaite reacts to winning the belt at Hexagone MMA 6

After a stunning battle at Hexagone MMA 6, Lithuanian hero, Ernesta Kareckaite, triumphed over Laetitia Blot in front of a packed-out audience at the Zenith Arena in Paris, France.

Without a care in the world, the rising star travelled to enemy territory, confident in the knowledge that she had the skills to defeat one of the greatest martial artists on the planet.

And despite the boos from the partisan crowd, the 24-year-old stuck to her guns and got the job done.

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Back in 2021, Kareckaite and Blot went to war in one of the best contests of the year. However, while the battle excited the fans, the judges couldn’t separate the two fighters.

Consequently, the pair left the venue with an overwhelming desire to run it back. And on Sunday night, they did just that.

But this time, the stakes were raised. With a championship belt on the line, Kareckaite could’ve been forgiven for falling foul to the pressure.But despite the circumstances, the youngster made her walk to the cage with a steely confidence seldom seen in such a young fighter.

Ernesta Kareckaite vs Laetitia Blot produce another barnburner

The two warriors produced five spectacular rounds, in which Blot showcased her sensational grappling skills, taking her opponent down on several occasions. However, the away fighter remained in the zone, believing that she had the striking to turn the bout on its head.

As the minutes ticked by, she warmed to the task, landing a plethora of well-timed strikes.

The action remained consistent throughout, with both athletes making their mark. However, when the final bell rang, the crowd remained split over who’d won the contest.

Without a doubt, both women had made their case. But the final decision remained in the hands of the three officials.

Eventually, the referee raised Kareckaite’s arm in the air, confirming that after just five fights, she’d reached the pinnacle of the sport.

Ernesta Kareckaite talks to SPORF after becoming the Hexagone MMA champion

After breaking down in tears, the new champion ventured backstage to talk to the press. And with the life-changing victory sinking in, she spoke to us about her mindset going into the biggest fight of her career.

She revealed: “I prepared for war, as I knew it would be like that, so I had that in my mind. I had that in my head. Everything was like I thought. It went exactly as my coaches said. That’s why I have the belt.”

Is Ernesta Kareckaite vs Laetitia Blot on the horizon?

After two marvellous collisions, the talk of a trilogy is rife among sports fans. But for now, the new Flyweight Queen wants to sit back and enjoy the moment.

However, at some point, Kareckaite and Blot will meet again, and the champion wants to do it in her beloved home country of Lithuania.

With a twinkle in her eye, the title holder beamed: “I am really happy that I am representing Lithuania, I love my country, and I get to go back with the belt.

“It feels amazing; it melts my heart. I am really happy. Dreams do come true. I work really hard for them. And who knows what is in the future?”

In most sports, women still have to fight for the right to receive the same publicity as men. However, in the MMA, the two genders are considered equal.

For competitors like Kareckaite, it means the world.

She confessed: “Women’s MMA is going to a higher and higher level, so I am really happy to represent it. We fought in France in a really good arena, and the people were supportive. They understand that women can do everything too. It means a lot.”

And after sharing eight rounds with a combat sports icon, Kareckaite has come away from her experience at Hexagone MMA 6 with a great deal of admiration for her long-time rival, claiming: “She is tough, a very good fighter. I think she is going to have more fights in the future. I don’t want to say anything bad about her. She is a really great fighter. But today is my day; I was better. Always respect.”

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Featured Image Credit: Hexagone MMA