Covington accuses Poirier of using his charity as a tax write-off

Colby Covington has issued a controversial allegation that Dustin Poirier is merely using his charity as a tax write-off.

Covington and Poirier were formerly teammates at American Top Team but in the last 12 months, Colby’s relationship with the gym has deteriorated.

In the midst of that, ‘Chaos’ and Poirier have thrown many shots at one another with Covington continuing to prioritise his own brand over any friendships he’s made throughout his MMA career.

Now, in his latest jab, Covington has called the legitimacy of Dustin Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation into question.

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“Dustin Soirier (Poirier), he’s terrible, he’s garbage. I used to train with him, the guys a complete bum. I mean, he’s funny because he’s talking all this talk, it’s on sight when I see Colby. No, it’s not on sight, bitch, you know who your daddy is,” Colby Covington said. 

“Oh yeah, and talking about Dustin, I thought that fight should’ve gotten canceled, man. Con man McGregor called out Dustin for the truth, he’s using his charity to make money for himself, it’s a tax write-off.

“He’s not actually using that money for kids, he knows Conor McGregor knows Dustin Soirier is literally a Con man,” Covington continued.

“He’s conning the people with this so-called charity, Good Fight Foundation. Dude, guys the fakest guy in the world. I wish people really knew who Dustin Soirier was not just who they portray him as in the media.”

It’s no secret that controversy is a huge part of Covington’s ‘brand’ in the UFC, though his latest comments go a lot further than simple fighter trash talk.

The pair are unlikely to square off given that ‘The Diamond’ resides at lightweight at Covington at welterweight. However, if they ever meet in person, you’d have to imagine how that conversation would go in light of this outburst.

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