Paolo Di Canio says he won’t apologise over leaked Mourinho voice notes

Paolo Di Canio has spoken out after voice notes reportedly mocking Jose Mourinho’s Roma appointment were leaked.

It comes after the Italian side announced that Mourinho would take over as head coach from next season, a decision Di Canio allegedly didn’t agree with.

After the recordings were published in Italian media, Di Canio was approached for a comment by Corriere Dello Sport. Rather than apologising, the former Lazio and West Ham man refused to backtrack, which probably doesn’t come as that big a surprise for anyone familiar with the forward’s temperamental playing days.

Di Canio also pointed out that only an intentionally inflammatory segment of the full conversation with his Roma supporting friend had been leaked.

“Firstly, I don’t have to apologise to anyone. It was a private conversation and I can do as I please,” Di Canio said.

“Secondly, that audio was part of another six or seven messages in which I said very positive things about Mourinho. It’s cowardly that they only leaked that part.

“It’s a ridiculous and pathetic story. We were talking for fun, I was making fun of an old friend.”

However, he did use the opportunity to suggest that Roma should have looked elsewhere for their new coach.

“There was talk of [Maurizio] Sarri, of playing attractive football. I said that Mourinho has lost appeal,” Di Canio continued. “He no longer seems to me to have the strength, the energy, to stay at the top level for 24 hours a day.

“My joke also meant that he won’t win the Scudetto, but maybe he will, who knows? With this Roma side you can reach the top six with your eyes closed.

“I didn’t say what I said to belittle Roma, but the opposite. Years ago, I would have said that Mourinho is a luxury for Roma, now I say that Roma is a luxury for Mourinho.”

Featured image credit: Getty