Cristiano Ronaldo receives police caution over mobile phone incident

Cristiano Ronaldo has been issued with a caution by police after footage showed him appearing to slap a phone out of a young fan’s hand last season.

The incident occurred following Manchester United‘s 1-0 defeat to Everton in April. As Ronaldo walked to the tunnel, visibly angry, he could be seen appearing to smash a mobile phone to the ground.

The mother of the young fan in question went on to upload a post to Facebook, denouncing Ronaldo. She accused the football star of “assault”, and said she spoke to police about the incident at Goodison Park.

She also told the Liverpool Echo: “I was crying. I was shook up. Jacob [the young fan] was in complete shock. He’s autistic, and he’s got dyspraxia as well, so he didn’t really digest what was happening until he’s come home.”

Ronaldo posted a full apology on Instagram, and offered the fan an opportunity to watch a future game at Old Trafford. This offer was later rejected by his family.

Cristiano Ronaldo given police caution over Everton phone incident

As reported by BBC News, Merseyside Police have now concluded their investigation into the incident.

They say that a 37-year-old man was interviewed under caution, in relation to an allegation of assault and criminal damage. The allegations relate to the incident that occurred after the game between Everton and Manchester United on April 9.

It is also added that Ronaldo attended the interview voluntarily, and was given a ‘conditional caution’. The matter is now closed.

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