Dana White gets in heated row with Ngannou’s manager

UFC president Dana White has engaged in a war of words with Francis Ngannou’s manager Marquel Martin on Instagram.

Last night it was announced, to the surprise of many, that Ciryl Gane will battle Derrick Lewis in an interim heavyweight title fight later this summer.

It comes despite the fact that we’re just a few months removed from Francis Ngannou winning the belt, with many believing an Ngannou/Lewis title fight was imminent for September after Francis made it clear he couldn’t make the initial August date.

Ngannou vs White continues

When the story broke, Ngannou’s manager Marquel Martin made it known they were taken aback by the move – with White swiftly opting to go after him on social media.

“This dude is SO FULL OF S***! He knows EXACTLY what’s going on and isn’t “shocked” at all. because we told him several times this was coming. His management is incompetent and hopefully Francis starts taking a look at new people to help his career,” White said.

Martin wasn’t about to take that lying down and suggested that he’s willing to fight White on this.

“@danawhite lol… complete shock with your decision with your decision after we said September was good for us? Complete shock that you guys made threats after less than 3 months after you all were aware,” Martin hit back.

“Complete shock after You KNEW why Francis needed more time. That is correct. I know you’re passionate but you trying to discredit my integrity when I’ve been nothing but respectful to you, Hunter, and your entire staff? Speaks more about you than it does me. I’m not even mad, I’m actually impressed that I’ve gotten your attention. Incompetent management?? I think we’ve done a damn good job.

“I think you REALLY don’t like the fact that Francis is being represented by not only me but an entire agency…one of which you can’t control,” he added.

“Hence why you have people trying to rep him all the time to your benefit. I tell you what, let’s disclose EVERYTHING for people to see. Emails, calls, texts, everything. Deal?? Cuz I’m ready to get blackballed by UFC…I’m not defined by it, you or anyone else for that matter. How’s that sound. Sincerely, your old employee – Marquel Martin.”

Gane and Lewis are set to lock horns at UFC 265 on August 7 in Houston.

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