Dana White hits back at Fabia’s ‘fixed fight’ accusations

UFC president Dana White has laughed off suggestions from Joshua Fabia that the Nevada State Athletic Commission tried to get Diego Sanchez to throw his last fight.

Sanchez’s final appearance in the promotion took place when he lost via unanimous decision to Jake Matthews at UFC 253. Ever since then, Sanchez’s former manager and coach Fabia has been coming out with a parade of accusations – with many of them being directed at Dana White and the UFC.

White sides with Sanchez

The majority of the claims have been widely rubbished and dismissed by the people that matter, but that hasn’t discourage Fabia.

During a recent interview with Mike Swick, White voiced his frustrations regarding the bizarre situation.

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“Mr. f*ckin’ self-awareness and all he does is coming out and starts talking sh*t about people,” White said. “Now he’s gonna turn on Diego Sanchez and say bad stuff about Diego? The only thing Diego is guilty of is being a really nice guy. He’s a little out there, but make no mistake, Diego is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, he’s a good person.”

“That guy is such a f*cking goofball,” White said regarding Fabia’s claims.

“Seriously, if you take anything that guy says serious, you should be f*cking beat with a stick. 

“If the source was somebody that was even remotely credible, yeah [I’d do something]. I could give a flying f*ck what he says. I think the kid is mentally ill. So should I fire up the lawyers for a mentally ill f*cking goofball? You know what I mean? It’s just a complete waste of time. So no.”

Sanchez had been set to fight Donald Cerrone on May 8 but after pulling out of the bout, his time with the UFC came to an end.

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