The 2017 interview that saw Dana White go on expletive-filled rant about Bob Arum

The feud between Dana White and Bob Arum is heating up again – and a 2017 interview shows the distant each man has for the other.

This bitter sentiment between each other has been active for a few years.

It came to a head in 2020. Dana White blasted Bob Arum, after the boxing promoter made some harsh comments against his own boxer, Terence Crawford.

Arum complained that Crawford’s fights were not making him money. He said (quotes via talkSPORT): “I could build a house in Beverley Hills with the money I lost on him in three fights.”

These comments caught the attention and full rage of Dana White. In a press conference, White went in on the promoter.

“Shut the f**k up, you f*****g scumbag,” he said.

“Pay your f*****g fighter what you owe him. Bob Arum is a piece of f*****g s**t.”

Arum and Crawford’s problems eventually led to a lawsuit by Crawford.

Recently, White rubbished the possibility of ever working with Arum, stating bluntly that he “won’t do jack s**t” with Bob Arum.

The UFC president’s comments may now have reignited the long-standing dispute.

Dana White’s previous feud with Arum

In 2017, after the commercial success of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match, Dana White was looking to get the UFC involved in the boxing world.

The boxing community did not welcome this plan. Bob Arum was particularly scathing, saying the UFC was getting involved because the business was failing.

Unsurprisingly, White took exception to Arum’s comment.

“F**k that guy,” he said bluntly. “This guy [Arum] is such a jerk off. Literally the biggest piece of s**t in all of sports. Bob Arum, ladies and gentlemen.”

White’s response was characteristically fiery. Thus, a great feud was born.

Could they ever work together?

Unfortunately for the two parties, neither seems willing to resolve their issues. Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury are reportedly want to set up a fight against each other, but their promoters don’t get along.

Ngannou is fighting to make it happen, demanding adjustments to his UFC contract to allow him to fight the boxer. Meanwhile, Fury believes that the heavyweight super-match would break US pay-per-view records.

Dana White has said that he will not work with Arum – Fury’s promoter – but would work with other boxing promoters.

Their beef may cause them to miss out on a lot of money. Whether White and Arum can put their differences aside for a potential dream matchup remains to be seen.

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