Dana White threatens Jake Paul with legal action over McGregor call-outs

UFC president Dana White hinted that he could hit Jake Paul with legal action as he continues to call out Conor McGregor and other UFC fighters.

Paul is fresh off of a big knockout win over Ben Askren last weekend who, as many know, had a fairly dramatic stint with the promotion before retiring from mixed martial arts.

Bizarrely enough White has actually been quite complimentary of Paul in recent times for his ability to find a market for himself.

White’s had enough

However, with Paul now pursuing a bout against McGregor, White seems to be getting fed up with his antics.

During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, he lashed out at ‘The Problem Child’.

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“Why don’t you go fight a f****** boxer?” White said. “What the f*** do these guys keep talking to UFC guys for? “I’m going to have to slap them with another f****** legal letter, these f***** idiots. Go talk to f****** boxers. What are you doing?”

Many fans have the same kind of reaction whenever they hear the name Jake Paul. Unfortunately for them, that’s pretty much exactly what he wants.

Love him or hate him, Jake and his brother Logan are brilliant self-marketers and will continue to make some noise in the combat sports landscape.

The popular opinion is that Jake is at a decent amateur level and has some power behind him, but that won’t matter so long as he keeps selecting smart opponents.

On the flip-side, Conor McGregor is far too focused on his upcoming Dustin Poirier trilogy fight to even give Paul the time of day.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen down the road but for the time being, Dana White is going to do everything in his power to shut Jake Paul’s constant call-outs down.

But who knows – perhaps a different MMA fighter will step up.

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