Defoe clarifies comments on Kane leaving Tottenham

Rangers striker Jermain Defoe has clarified his comments about Harry Kane potentially leaving Tottenham Hotspur.

During a recent appearance on talkSPORT, Defoe discussed whether he thinks Kane needs to leave Spurs if he really wants to win some silverware. It came after what has been a rocky season for the club in which they’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs.

Setting the record straight

However, Defoe has opened up on the subject again, clarifying what he actually meant when discussing the striker. During a tweet yesterday morning, he explained it wasn’t as black and white as Kane needing to leave.

“So I just quickly wanna put the record straight, I woke up this morning and saw headlines saying that I said Harry Kane has to leave Tottenham. That’s not what I meant. Being a Tottenham fan, I love the club, everyone knows my relationship with the club and the fans.

“What I meant was he might want to finish up as the top goalscorer in the club’s history ahead of Jimmy Greaves, which would be an unbelievable achievement, and along the way win some trophies, or he might want to leave and go and win loads of trophies elsewhere. 

“At the end of the day it’s up to Harry, but I just want to put the record straight because I don’t want it to come across that I said Harry Kane has to leave Tottenham. Being a Tottenham fan that doesn’t make sense, so yeah, I just wanted to put the record straight.”

Kane is approaching the stage of his career where it’s beginning to feel like now or never in terms of a high profile move. That has been further spurred on by the largely defensively-minded football employed by Jose Mourinho at Tottenham, which has seen the forward playing in a much deeper role.

With Sergio Aguero moving on from Manchester City, and Manchester United also in the market for an out-and-out striker, it could be a nervy summer ahead for Spurs.

Whatever happens, his place in the record books as a Tottenham legend will always be secure.

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