Denis Frimpong reveals why he relates to Walter White from Breaking Bad ahead of Oktagon 56

With a cold and calculated mindset and the steely determination to chase his dreams no matter the size of the obstacles placed in front of him, it comes as no surprise that Denis Frimpong can see a lot of himself in Walter White.

While ‘The Menace’ is renowned for his performances in the cage, when he’s not rendering other men unconscious, he spends his time binge-watching Breaking Bad. And like everyone who’s watched the show, he’s found himself drawn to one of lead characters, landing firmly in the camp of America’s favourite chemistry teacher.

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Despite starting MMA later in life, thanks to his athletic prowess and never-say-die attitude, the Irishman has excelled past many of those with far more experience, cementing his place as one of the most dangerous athletes in Europe.

Blessed with a bulletproof mentality, Frimpong consistently finds a way to clinch victory, regardless of the size of the task at hand, much like the great Walter White.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he explained: “I have sympathy for Jesse Pinkman because he went through it, but Walt went through it in his own way. He tackled the challenges in his life much more like I would have. He turned into a cold, heartless monster. Team Walt for me.”

And in a testament to his confidence, the sportsman is convinced that he could demolish the two hardest men in New Mexico with ease.

He laughed: “I’d choke out both Mike Ehrmantraut and Hank Schrader at the same time.”

Denis Frimpong and Walter White are masters of their craft

It appears that the 29-year-old’s self-belief extends far beyond fictional characters, explaining just how many police officers it would take to contain him.

He claimed: “Easy work. If there were police officers ever trying to arrest me as an MMA fighter, and they don’t have guns, pepper spray or tasers, how many would it take to put me in handcuffs and get me in the car if I’m refusing to go? Minimum – seven.

“You’d need one for each limb, one for my head to hold me down, one to actually put the handcuffs on me. Otherwise, I’m rolling, throwing head kicks, biting. Two or three coppers would not be enough.”

Denis Frimpong has a huge fight scheduled for Oktagon 56

The trash-talking legend will return to the cage at Oktagon 56 at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham against Callum Mullen in what would be his most significant victory to date. And having been blessed with ‘superior genetics’ from every corner of the globe, Frimpong has grown into a fighting machine capable of achieving sensational things in the sport.


He beamed: “How long have you got? I’m a bit of a mixed bag. I love my roots. You can’t grow a strong tree without good roots. My dad is from Ghana; he was an immigrant to Europe. My mum is from former Yugoslavia, Slovenia, and they met in Austria, where I was born. Then, I moved to Canada when I was a baby. I lived there for three or four years and then moved to Ireland. I started school there. My parents thought that was a better place to raise me than a ghetto in Toronto.”

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He continued: “I think I have the perfect blend of superior genetics. I’ve got Eastern European Slovak on one side and Western African Ashanti on the other side and then I was raised in the land of the fighting Irish.”

With palpable charisma and remarkable athletic attributes, Frimpong has the potential to make all his MMA dreams come true. Therefore, there’s certainly no shortage of fans jumping on the hype train, hoping to ride it all the way to a shot at Europe’s leading promotion’s championship belt.

You can buy tickets for Oktagon 56, here.

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