Diana Flores says competing in the Olympic Games is ‘The ultimate dream of every athlete’, as Flag Football makes LA 28

After dedicating her entire life to Flag Football, Diana Flores, couldn’t be happier that the sport she loves will feature at the 2028 LA Olympics.

As an incredible ambassador for the game, the sublime athlete, who captains the Mexican national team, has put countless hours into pushing Flag to a wider market.

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With explosive pace and an unrivalled sporting IQ, the talented athlete has seemingly become the face of the game, recently featuring in a Super Bowl advert.

In a wacky turn of events, the quarterback evaded hundreds of crafty individuals trying to steal her flags. To the surprise of the audience, Flores not only had to dodge Fox Sports anchor Erin Andrews and Las Vegas Raiders icon, Davante Adams, who was dressed as a parrot, but her own mother as well.

But away from the glitz and glamour of starring in commercials, stands a ferocious sportswoman, who’s delighted that Flag is finally receiving the recognition it deserves.

She said: “To compete in the Olympic Games is the ultimate dream of every athlete. Millions of flag football players around the world will go to sleep dreaming of Los Angeles 2028 tonight. I want to thank everyone who has made this possible. This includes all my fellow athletes and ambassadors who have played such a central role in driving the project forward.

 “Together, we are determined to use this incredible stage to showcase the best of flag football. We want to show its speed, athleticism and creativity. In addition, it’s important to showcase its power to transform lives and include new communities in sports. As an athlete community, we are happy to be leading the way. But our goal must be to use this opportunity to inspire, lift up and empower a new generation around the world.”

Diana Flores has helped the sport grow in the UK

With Flores pioneering the sport, the positive aspects of the game are spreading like wildfire. Not only does Flag promote fitness and winning, but also the importance of teamwork and helping others.


The NFL is doing its utmost to promote the sport globally, with Ealing Fields, the winners of the inaugural New York Jets and Chicago Bears NFL Girls Flag League that launched in West London in March, facing German team Stadtteilschule am Heidber at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to celebrate the London Games.

Ealing Fields and Stadtteilschule am Heidberg played in an international flag game for girls at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium during the 2023 NFL London Games.

Following the encounter, both teams watched in awe as the Jacksonville Jaguars clashed with the Buffalo Bills. Furthermore, in a moment that will live with the girls forever, Ealing Fields appeared on the field as part of a guard of honour for the participating NFL teams.

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Featured Image Credit: NFL