EA is giving away free packs just for logging into FIFA 21

EA Sports has announced the return of its FIFA 21 ‘Player Days’ promo, which started on Monday evening – and includes free packs.

Its launch coincides with the presence of ‘What If’ team two in packs, and it features squad building challenges and cut-price pack offers until Thursday, March 11.

And in news that FIFA fans have been keenly anticipating over the course of the game cycle, EA is handing out a free pack to each user based on how many days they have logged on since the game was released on October 6.

As you would expect, the more days you play, the better the pack you receive.

The engagement rewards (via FIFAUTeam) are listed as follows:

Tier 4 (138-141 days) – Ultimate Pack (125,000 coins)

Tier 3 (116-137 days) – Rare Mega Pack (55,000 coins)

Tier 2 (61-115 days) – Prime Gold Players Pack (45,000 coins)

Tier 1 (1-60 days) – Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15,000 coins)

So, in that case, the more frequent players of Ultimate Team would get the opportunity to boost their club with 30 of the best rare players. Those who have played more sporadically would have also received a reward.

Of course, there’s no guarantees that you’ll get any cards that would automatically improve your starting XI. But it’s a nice free reward for playing the game.

My free pack included Ricardo Pereira‘s What If card, so I’ll be paying close attention to Leicester’s clean sheet record over the upcoming games.

‘Player Days’ further content released

EA have also released cut-price packs each day until March 11. Monday evening’s offering was a Premium Gold Players Pack (12,500 coins) and a Mega Pack (17,500). Both of those are half-price.

There was also an 81+ player pick SBC, with a second pick thrown in for free. The SBC was non-repeatable, but it still gives you double the chance of getting an elite player.

Last year, we saw EA launch a primarily South American-themed promo on ‘Player Days’ week, featuring a new set of Libertadores cards and a Davinson Sanchez Moments SBC.

Further new content is set to be released at 6pm tonight.

Free FIFA packs for Amazon Prime members

FIFA 21 has also teamed up with Amazon Prime Gaming to gift players free rewards over the coming months.

Anyone with an active Amazon Prime membership can get their hands on the freebies, all you have to do is visit the Prime Gaming website to claim.

Even if you haven’t got a Prime membership, you can get a free 30 day trial which would mean you get at least one of the exclusive drops without spending a penny.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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