Eddie Hearn denies worrying Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua claim

Eddie Hearn has denied claims that Tyson Fury may end up fighting Deontay Wilder next instead of Anthony Joshua.

Over the course of the last few months, fans have been eagerly awaiting an official announcement regarding the highly anticipated Fury vs Joshua showdown. Now, it seems as if the only thing we’re waiting for is confirmation about the venue and date.

Eddie Hearn to the rescue?

It was recently claimed that the delay has caused Fury and his team to consider fighting Wilder for a third time instead. As such, Hearn recently came out and decided to make his position clear.

“Bob [Arum] is trying to put pressure on, that’s how he works,” he said. “He will think it’s a bit slow now, give an interview thinking it will speed up the Middle East. We don’t need to play that game, everybody’s on board, let’s just go through the process correctly.

“Time is of the essence and if we got into a situation where the site agreement wasn’t signed in less than a week, we would have to start looking at things.

“But no-one has a plan B, which is a good sign. Bob may talk about Tyson fighting Wilder, but he ain’t going to fight Wilder, it’s a nothing fight.

“I don’t have other plans, normally I have plan A, B and C, but it’s all about this fight and it will happen.”
“We had a situation where all the parties signed a contract,” he said. “We went out and got a fantastic site deal and both fighters agreed to the financials, the site deal, everything.

“Now what is taking longer than expected is we’re back and forth just finalising the long form site agreement.

“It’s frustrating because you look on social media and read comments like ‘what’s the hold-up? You’re a joke’.

“It’s not a case of that’ll do, just sign it. You’ve got Fury’s people, which is a team of about 40 people, you’ve got the site, you’ve got the broadcasters around it. It’s a massive deal, but we will get there.

“I won’t stop until we get it over the line. If it falls through, it won’t be any fault of ours and I don’t think it will.

“It’s too big, both guys want it too much, just got to keep pushing and pushing.”

Featured image credit: Getty