Eddie Hearn patronises Jake Paul to his face, goads him into agreeing to a fight

It’s fair to say that Jake Paul has created an almost fantasy land in which his name somehow gets brought up in connection to the biggest stars in combat sports. But in a recent interview, Eddie Hearn gave the YouTuber a reality check.

On April 30, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano go to war at Madison Square Garden in the biggest fight in women’s boxing history. The bout has gathered mass media attention from around the globe and looks set to change the game forever. However, the contest never would have taken place without Hearn and Paul.

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The pair of controversial figures teamed together to put on one of the biggest shows of the year, and the fans can’t wait. Although the two fighters aren’t renowned for their trash talk, the promoters certainly are. They’ve gelled together and helped make this fight the mammoth event that it’s become.

However, after continuous verbal sparring, tensions were bound to rise eventually.

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Jake Paul vs Eddie Hearn

During a joint interview with IFL TV, the British businessman put the 25-year-old in his place. He said: ” I think there’s absolutely no way he can beat a world champion and become world champion.”

The pair then began analysing Paul’s opponents, and despite the YouTuber selling his victory over Tyron Woodley, Hearn shook his head as he disregarded the 40-year-old’s credentials: “He’s not a real boxer. He’s not Jake.”

Hearn then released a line that really got under the social media star’s skin.

He said: “I believe that Jake Paul is better than some fighters, but I don’t think you’ll get close to being a world-class fighter.”

The undefeated boxer fired back: “I believe I’d beat anybody on your roster that’s under ten fights.”

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This led to Hearn pitching 1-0 prospect, Chev Clarke.

Who is Chev Clarke?

The Team GB Olympian, although in the very early stages of his career, has the pedigree to wipe Paul out with ease. However, realistically, the potential bout makes little sense for the ex-Disney star. He needs easier fights with far bigger names. In all likelihood, he’ll rearrange the long-anticipated collision with Tommy Fury.

Despite the contest’s cancellation in December, there’s still intrigue surrounding the bout. Although the Brit possesses all the fundamental skill to cruise to victory, he’s wide open to right hands. And we know which shot Paul loves to throw the most.

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