Bobby Lashley takes scary fall after ring ropes snap at WWE Newcastle show

In a moment of pure madness, Bobby Lashley suffered a terrifying fall during a WWE show in Newcastle.

To create a global brand, you need to take your show all around the world. And that’s exactly what Vince McMahon’s done. He flies his roster of elite talent to every corner of the globe and entertains millions of fans in the process.

However, with only a set amount of televised shows in a calendar year, it’s impossible for everyone to witness the key storylines play out in person.

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So to combat this, the chairman regularly puts on house shows, in which the WWE Universe can watch their heroes away from the live broadcasts. Although the likelihood of them experiencing anything significant isn’t high, they do get to take away memories only shared with those who also attended the event.

In the age of social media, some of those moments make their way into the public eye, and on April 28, a near-disastrous incident left wrestling enthusiasts in shock.

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Bobby Lashley falls through the ropes in Newcastle

During an event in the North East, the powerhouse collided with his old rival, Drew McIntrye. But what should have made for a great match for the fans, and indeed the wrestlers, ended in disaster. As Lashley bounced off the top rope, it snapped and left him somersaulting to the floor.

The audience released a gasp while his opponent put his hands on his head, and the referee jumped out of the ring to check on his wellbeing.

Bobby Lashley didn’t hurt himself

Thankfully, despite the scary footage, Lashley is ok. He took to social media to put fans’ minds at rest.

He tweeted: “And some of y’all think I’m not the toughest guy in WWE.”

In a testament to his mental fortitude, a fan in attendance took to Reddit to explain how Lashley reacted in the moment.

They said: “Was there tonight on the side Drew bounced off. Lashley’s bump looked really nasty. He properly flipped over. Sami was ringside and took some of the attention away while he was seen to. He was thankfully able to finish the match. Drew brought him back into the ring after the match and was joking about it, so it seems he was alright. He managed to deliver a Hurt Lock to Sami, so hopefully, he is not injured.”

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