England Lionesses have disappointed Lianne Sanderson in the World Cup

After scraping past Haiti, Lianne Sanderson is concerned about how the England Lionesses will get on as the World Cup progresses.

Following an incredible summer in 2022, in which the girls united the nation as they claimed European glory, they’ve flattered to deceive in the opening fixture of the biggest tournament in the female game.

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In an intense match against Haiti, England only just scraped through with all three points, courtesy of a Georgia Stanway penalty. Furthermore, while they didn’t offer much in terms of forward pressure, their defence looked shaky, and it’s worried one of their former stars.


In a magnificent career, Sanderson represented the likes of Arsenal and Juventus. Moreover, she’s bagged 50 appearances and 15 goals for her beloved country. Therefore, when it comes to football, she knows what she’s talking about. Thus, her old teammates should get out their notepads and pens and listen to her words of wisdom.

England icon Liane Sanderson expresses concerns ahead of next World Cup match

Speaking to Betting Expert, she explained: “I think the back line against Haiti was a problem. They didn’t look confident together, and I think it’s admirable that Millie Bright started the game even though she has been out for two or three months.”

“She has been out of the field for a while now, so the fact that she was able to play is impressive and credit to her, but I just don’t think it made the back line a bit shaky.”

“It just didn’t work and both Bronze and Greenwood maybe felt that they couldn’t just rush up and down the line compared to when Leah Williamson is playing.”

“They now that Leah will cover them and they maybe felt that they couldn’t go that much forward.”

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She continued: “Personally, I would make a change in the backline. I would start with Rachel Daly on the left back and then bring Greenwood in next to Mille Bright because she needs minutes and then she will be the Millie Bright that we all know.”

“If they’re gonna play the same four, I think Carter should go to full-back and Alex Greenwood play as a centre-back. I feel like Greenwood is more composed on the ball, relaxed and able to still deliver the passes from that position.”

“In the midfield I would take Ella Toone out and replace her with Lauren James.”

Liane Sanderson previews England vs Denmark

According to the footballing legend, The Lionesses need to pay extra attention to Danish wizard Pernille Harder.

She asserted: “When you look at England’s backline the other day, I think that was probably one of our biggest problems because I think it was a knock-on effect to the rest of the team.

“I think it’s easy to put a finger on the centre-forwards when they don’t score but I actually think Lauren Hemp and Chloe Kelly were really good. Kelly, especially in the second half.”

“I thought the substitutions Sarina Wiegman made, bringing on Lauren James, I would have started her all day long.”

“For Denmark, you have to look at Pernille Harder, you only have to look at the FA Cup final, she put it on the plate for Sam Kerr. Not many players would have been able to play that type of ball and she makes football look easy.”

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Liane Sanderson gives her England vs Denmark prediction

While she knows exactly what Harder is capable of, she still believes England can win.

“I think Denmark will definitely see moments they can exploit but I think England need to stick to their gameplan and play the way they can. And if they do that, they’ll be okay. Easier said than done.”

“Pernille Harder is that type of player who can get in that area and cause problems for Georgia Stanway and Ella Toone. Cause she’s the type of player like Fran Kirby who can find that type of space.”

“She gravitates towards that type of space and she’ll be able to spread those balls through that I don’t think our backline can handle. The ball in between the centre-back and the full-back.”

“That’s the type of thing I expect Pernille Harder to be doing. I’m a big fan of hers and she’s back from injury.”

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