Tom Aspinall can beat Jon Jones according to UFC icon

With an emphatic KO performance at UFC London, Tom Aspinall has captured the world’s attention, and one MMA legend believes that he may even have the beating of Jon Jones.

Possessing lightning hands, mesmerising footwork and a sublime fighting IQ, all squeezed into a 265-pound frame; the British powerhouse is part of a new wave of heavyweights, capable of rendering you unconscious with punches or submitting you with formidable BJJ.

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In his sparkling career, Jones has solidified himself as one of the best and most polarising characters of all time. With every stunning performance comes a failed drug test to match, but regardless, when it counts, he always performs.

In his last outing, he dominated Ciryl Gane with ease, ragdolling the talented fighter, the same way a bear would maul a kitten. However, Aspinall is a very different beast, and one of MMA’s greatest minds thinks he’d have a lot of trouble with dealing with the Atherton monster.


Can Tom Aspinall beat Jon Jones?

Having guided the likes of Khabib Nurmagemdov and Ismael Makhachaev to UFC glory, Javier Mendez has forgotten more about the sport than most of us will ever know. Therefore, when discussing the intricacies of world-level match-ups, it’s integral that we listen to his words of wisdom. And he gives the English hero a very good chance of upsetting the apple cart.

He told Safe Betting Sites: “Based on everything I see, Tom Aspinall is 100 million percent going to be the future heavyweight champion. Based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard about him, I think people don’t know how great this guy is. I even heard he’s a sparring boxing champion. He’s been boxing for a long time, that just shows me the level he’s at. And he’s not really shown his level in the UFC, as his fights haven’t lasted that long. He’s thoroughly dominated everyone.”

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“He’s not really a known guy yet. But the little insight I have on him and the little bit I watched of him, I’m extremely impressed by him. As a human being, I think he’s a very good guy. I think the UK has the future champ, I really do. Jon Jones is how old now, 36? Who knows how much time Jones has left. Tom is definitely the future. Tom Aspinall 100 percent would have a chance against Jon Jones. I’d favour Jones though, because if he takes the fight he knows he can’t do it. But if we give Aspinall a few more fights and experience then I might reverse my pick.”

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