Erik Coleman on the time he intercepted Tom Brady

Erik Coleman has many a fantastic tale from his legendary NFL career, but intercepting Tom Brady is undeniably one of his best.

On Friday night, the sporting icon will hit the Bierkeller in Manchester for an epic Watch Party as the New York Jets collide with the Miami Dolphins in a grudge match that fans can’t afford to miss.

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With a spring in their step, the UK NFL enthusiasts will enter the venue in the hope that their team can pull off the win. But it’s fair to say they’re just as excited to exchange a few words with Coleman, who’s happy to share some of his favourite anecdotes.

While the former safety has become renowned for his palpable charisma and presenting skills, at the peak of his powers, he was quite the player. With a muscular frame and an unrelenting will to win, the remarkable athlete has cemented his place as an NFL great with plenty of interesting stories.

From emerging victorious in a playoff game in his rookie year against the San Diego Chargers when Drew Brees was the quarterback, to winning the NFC South, Coleman is hardly short of achievements. But intercepting Tom Brady undeniably stands out from the pack.

Erik Coleman remembers the time he intercepted Tom Brady

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, Coleman beamed: “It was a great play. It was a great scheme that our coaches came up with. We played up in New England, and throughout our season, we had shown one look on defence. We played a lot of cover 4. And for this game, we changed things up and we put 11 guys in the box. That means there were 11 players in the box, all within three yards of the line of scrimmage.”

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He continued: “There were five minutes left in the game; it was a tight game. I was showing like I was going to blitz. As he snapped the ball, I backed up and I was just reading his eyes. He didn’t see me; he checked down to a running back. I stepped in front of it, tipped it to myself for the interception and sealed the game.

“Intercepting Tom Brady was one of the highlights of my career. He’s arguably the best to ever do it in the quarterback position. To have that notch on my cap is amazing. I still have the football. It was a pretty cool moment for me.”

The moment mesmerised fans in attendance, giving them a night that will live with them forever. And on Friday evening, Coleman will hope to provide his UK supporters with an equally epic memory, when he joins them to watch his beloved side take on their fierce rivals.

Erik Coleman predicts The New York Jets vs The Miami Dolphins

With both teams desperate to claim bragging rights, the game looks set to deliver in abundance. But when it’s all said and done, Coleman expects his men to walk away with the victory, and he can’t wait to soak up the UK atmosphere.

He asserted: “You know The Jets are going to come out with the win. They’re playing at home against The Dolphins. It’s going to be a big-time celebration and just a celebration of the game of football expanding into the UK and enjoying it with the fans.


“I’m really excited for the energy. I went to a Tottenham game when I was in the UK last time, and the energy from those soccer games is amazing. It’s non-stop throughout the game. So that energy being brought to American football is going to blow it out of the water. So I’m really excited for it.”

Erik Coleman discusses his philanthropy work

In a testament to his kind-hearted nature, Coleman dedicates a large portion of his time to helping children in need and supporting those with cancer, disabilities and sickle cell anaemia.

He explained: “I think as an NFL player and somewhat of a celebrity, it’s important to shed light on different areas that normally don’t get the attention. Children’s health has always been something that’s been big on my list, and my niece and nephew have sickle cell. So, I get involved with the Sickle Cell Anaemia Foundation.”

Coleman continued: “I’m a board member on the Children’s Brain Tumour Foundation, and I try to do as much as I can to raise awareness to help kids get a chance at living a normal life and to bring awareness and to help raise money for those causes so we can eliminate some of these tough times these kids are going through. It’s a very big deal to me. It’s a big part of my life, and I’m just thankful that I’m healthy and I’m able to promote them and give them the love that they deserve.” 

Tomorrow evening, fans will have the opportunity to meet the NFL star in person. Doors open for the watch party at 6:30 PM, with kick-off scheduled for 8 PM.

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