Every feature confirmed so far in Football Manager 2022

With the latter months of the year now approaching, it’s near that time for the annual Football Manager game to be released.

This year’s edition will be released on November 9. A playable beta should be available for the game around two weeks before its release date, according to the game’s official website.

Game announcements are usually relatively thin on the ground until close to the game’s release, with game developers Sports Interactive tending to reveal new features in around September/October.

This week, SI have given fans some insight into the new features in FM22 via a preview trailer – and they are certainly exciting.

YouTube video

Here’s what we know so far:

The ‘Data Hub’

The new ‘Data Hub’ appears to be one of the key new features introduced to FM22.

It gives more in-depth details about your last match, as well as giving solutions on how to fix any problems your team may have on the pitch.

For instance, the trailer shows your assistant (or another member of the backroom staff) informing you that you need to focus play down the left, and analyses your overall match momentum.

New Deadline Day features

Transfer deadline day appears to have undergone a revamp for Football Manager 2022.

On the trailer, players can select a number of time-based options to advance the game on deadline day. For instance, players can skip one hour ahead in order to seal an important signing.

It also appears that the game will show prospective players wanting to leave certain clubs, and their reasons for doing so, which could potentially make transfers quicker to complete towards the business end of the day. We’ll no doubt hear more about this feature closer to release.

New tactical features

The features trailer showcases a number of tactical enhancements that have been made to FM22.

It shows a new tactical role – the ‘Wide Centre-Back’ – which will allow for more flexibility when it comes to utilising three-at-the-back formations.

Featured Image Credit: Sports Interactive