Ex-football stars demolish opponents to set-up fight at Eintracht Frankfurt Stadium — Christian Eckerlin and Christian Jungwirth prepare for war at Oktagon 62

Former football stars, Christian Eckerlin and Christian Jungwirth, are set to clash at Oktagon 62 in front of 55,000 fans at Eintracht Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park.

On October 12, Germany will stand still as two national heroes, who’ve mastered not one but two sports, walk to the cage for an event that will live long in the memory.

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While on paper, some could confuse this bout for a mere celebrity match-up, the reality is anything but, with both men having proven themselves as two of the most formidable operators in Europe.

Growing up, Jungwirth dreamed of nothing other than wearing Stuttgart’s famous colours. And as time went by, through grit and determination, the natural-born athlete earned himself a place in the club’s youth team.

Alas, at the age of 22, a knee injury detonated the goalkeeper’s hopes and dreams, sending him down a road of drink and drugs.

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As the German spiralled into the abyss, it appeared he’d never live up to his sporting potential. But, by the grace of God, at the age of 30, Jungwirth walked into an MMA gym, and unlocked a talent he never knew he possessed.

With an all-action style, ‘The Celt’ quickly worked his way up the pyramid, earning a reputation as one of the most popular fighters in the country. And on March 23, the gifted sportsman set the world alight, producing a scintillating performance against Robert Pukač, in front of an adoring crowd of 15,000, to book his place on the biggest card in German MMA history.

However, with his opponent not yet sealed, he arrived in Frankfurt on Saturday evening for the most crucial scouting mission of his life.

Christian Eckerlin always wanted to play for Eintracht Frankfurt

Like his nemesis, Frankfurt-born, Eckerlin went through life, aspiring to play professional football. With David Beckham as his hero, the German developed into a promising player, operating with class and poise in the centre of midfield.

Cementing his place as a top-level talent, the sportsman signed on the dotted line for third-division side, RV Darmstadt, where he proved himself as a gifted playmaker, with an eye for the perfect pass.

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Therefore, when Eckerlin eventually called time on his successful footballing career, he did so with a smile on his face, knowing those in the trade were fully aware of his skill. However, having never achieved his childhood aspiration of playing at Eintracht Frankfurt’s stadium, he left the game with an itch still left unscratched. However, after a mesmorising showing on Saturday night, he’s earned the opportunity to finally make his dreams come true.

Christian Eckerlin and Christian Jungwirth will go toe-to-toe at Oktagon 62

Like Jungwirth, Eckerlin turned to fighting later in life, and against the odds, became one of Oktagon’s most dangerous brawlers. Having beaten the best on the Europen circuit, and even gone the distance with UFC veteran, Apollo Silva, the 37-year-old has bagged the respect of the Frankfurt community, with 10,000 fans packing the Festhalle, for his clash with Miroslav Broz on Saturday night.


Exhibiting pinpoint accuracy and thunderous power, the warrior dismantled his opponent, to make the most significant event in German MMA history official.

On October 12, two men who’ve overcome every hurdle placed in their way, will clash in the centre of one of Europe’s biggest stadiums. And with fans from Frankfurt and Stuttgart coming out to cheer on their heroes, the energy generated will no doubt be enough to leave even the sturdiest of men with goosebumps.

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA