Exclusive: Chad Gable Calls Out Tom Hardy

WWE went Hollywood for WrestleMania this year and some of their superstars were looking to make the most of their time in Tinseltown.

The likes of Snoop Dogg, Bad Bunny and Logan Paul added A-List stardust to this year’s Showcase of The Immortals, but some members of the WWE roster are after even more.

Celebrity matches are a regular occurrence at WrestleMania. And at WWE events in general. Bad Bunny, fresh off headlining Coachella, is taking it to the streets against Damian Priest at the upcoming Backlash Premium Live Event in Puerto Rico next weekend.

In the past few years we’ve also seen the likes of Johnny Knoxville and Saturday Night Live pair Michael Che and Colin Jost rock up to WrestleMania to step inside the squared circle.

But which celebs do WWE superstars want to call out themselves?

Chad Gable vs Bane?

Speaking exclusively to SPORF during WrestleMania weekend earlier this month, Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable revealed which star of the silver screen he wanted a piece of.

And he went big.

“Tom Hardy. I would love to throw down with Tom Hardy. He’s doing a little Brazilian jiu-jitsu training nowadays, so come test your mettle my friend. I’m waiting for you.”

Alpha Academy Have A Score To Settle

The triple crown WWE Tag Team Champion has had run-ins with his fellow Olympian and Minnesota native Gable Steveson over the past year. Most notably at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, where Steveson sent Gable packing with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

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And Gable also had some strong words to share with the gold medalist, who is currently signed to a WWE contract, although is yet to properly debut on any of their rosters.

“What’s weighing on my mind is that he showed up again and sprayed me with a milk truck and got it all over my nice cardigan, that I still can’t seem to get out of it.

“I dunno what his deal is, he kinda just pops in and out and disappears. If he wants to do something, stick around for a while. Pop out a real challenge. I’m here every day. I don’t leave. I’m a road warrior. I’m at every show. Wrestling every week. Wrestling every night. I don’t pop in and out, I’m a lifer. I’m here, man”

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Backing up Gable was his tag team partner and best friend of over 10 years, Otis, who likewise didn’t hold back when addressing Steveson.

“Isn’t he in the same state, too? Wow. We live in the same state and you can’t come out for a challenge, Mr. Steveson. Disappointing, Olympic Champ.”

Whether Steveson shows up again or not remains to be seen. However, Tom Hardy hopping the guardrail, in full Bane rig out, to throw down with Alpha Academy would be a top tier celebrity match for the ages.

Cannot wait to see it happen at WrestleMania 40, to be honest.

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