Exclusive: Chris Jericho Announces Plans For ‘Biggest Fozzy Show In History’ During All In Weekend

Chris Jericho is aiming to make history this summer. And not just with AEW.

The Ocho will be travelling to the UK at the end of August for a monumental show at Wembley Stadium. Or should that be shows?

AEW have already shifted 65,000 tickets for All In, their UK debut, on 27th August. Before general sale. Before a single match has even been announced. But the eight time world champion isn’t content with just one monumental show over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Jericho is also looking to bring over his band Fozzy for their ‘biggest ever’ gig that same weekend, having established the UK as the band’s ‘second home’ over their last few years of touring.

AEW x Fozzy = The Biggest Ever Weekend Of Jericho

Speaking exclusively to SPORF recently, the leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society revealed his plans for what is already an historic weekend.

“I think that we are going to announce a huge show for Fozzy in London that same weekend for Wembley.

“I just really feel that I wanna tie both events together. The biggest show in Fozzy history. The biggest show in AEW history. It just seems apropos. London’s the place for it.”

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It should be stressed at the time of writing that, publicly at least, no Fozzy show has been confirmed for All In weekend. However, given the Demo God has a burning passion for the UK akin to the passion displayed by Phil Collins when he was approaching the Tarzan soundtrack, it seems safe to presume that the first AEW Champion will get his way come the final weekend in August.

Jericho’s relationship with the United Kingdom stretches back almost 25 years, when he first began touring over here with WWE. Soon after that he would bring Fozzy across the pond from the US and has continued to interchange his professions for a series of in-ring and on-stage performances that have continued to take place in packed house after packed house.

A ‘Monumental’ Weekend Is Coming

Reminiscing about previous trips to the UK and what makes the island so special for himself and Fozzy, Jericho explained, “England is such a great country for wrestling and it’s really like a second home for Fozzy. It’s the first country where we were ever really big and our last tour of the UK in November was the biggest we’ve ever done.

“I think Wembley is going to be monumental because it’s our first time with AEW and any time we go over with Fozzy, to see the band continue to grow, it’s just amazing to me.

“I can’t state how awesome the whole UK is. Scotland is so insane for us. Wales, Northern Ireland, I love everything about the UK. So any time I can go over there with Fozzy or AEW or back when I was with WWE, I just know it’s going to be a blast and a lot of fun and the shows are always memorable in different ways.”

Given Jericho’s affinity for rock and roll history, could we see him channel any of British music’s greatest frontmen during All In weekend? Maybe a nod to Freddie Mercury from Queen’s iconic 1986 Wembley show? The yellow leather jacket combined with 65-70,000 people singing ‘Judas’ could be an absolutely unbeatable combo.

Would happily settle for the JAS coming out dressed in full Sergeant Pepper’s get up, too. Just saying Chris, if you’re reading.

AEW All In takes place on Sunday 27th August. Tickets for the show can be bought HERE

Featured Image Credit: AEW