Harry Kane: Top five goals of the Tottenham star’s career

In an astonishing career, Harry Kane has cemented himself as a genuine footballing icon, and to celebrate his legacy, we’re looking back at his greatest goals.

With a great first touch, an unrivalled eye for the back of the net and an incredible footballing IQ, the 29-year-old has bagged an array of sublime finishes, but of the 296, only five can make our list. So, without further ado, let’s begin the countdown.


5) Harry Kane vs Burnley

What better place to start than with a thunderbolt against ‘The Clarets’?

Linking up with Alderweireld and Son, he controlled the ball perfectly before firing it from 25 yards.

Despite his best efforts to get in the way, Ben Mee had to watch on as the ball sailed beyond the reach of Nick Pope.

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4) Harry Kane vs Crystal Palace

If Kane wasn’t dangerous enough on his own, putting him alongside Gareth Bale really took the biscuit.

During a game against ‘The Eagles’, the pair bagged four goals between them, one of which rendered the purists open-mouthed.

Kane waited on the edge of the box, before utilising effortless technique, to nail the ball into the top corner with a mind-boggling swerve.

3) Harry Kane vs Arsenal

Football is all about delivering in the big moments, and during a pivotal North London derby, Kane did just that.

Picking up on a cheeky backheel from Deli Ali, the striker took a touch before finessing the ball into the net at an almost impossible angle.

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2) Harry Kane vs Wolves

Bursting forward on the right-hand side, the English hero had options. With Son right next to him, he could’ve easily decided to pass, but ultimately, he decided to make a go of it on his own.

Using silkily skills, he cut inside before nailing the ball with his left foot, sending it hurtling past the keeper.

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1) Harry Kane vs Everton

While all these beautiful shots deserve credit, only one can claim the gold medal. And romantically, it’s none other than Kane’s 100th Tottenham goal.

Way away from the net, nobody expected Kane to put his name in lights. However, the icon isn’t one for reading the script.

He smashed the ball from a ridiculous position, leaving Jordan Pickford begrudgingly acceptant of the ridiculous goal he’d just conceded.

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