Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Top five goals

To honour the incredible career of a footballing icon, we’re having a look at the top five goals that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has ever produced.

With athleticism, flare and undeniable charisma, the Swedish hero has cemented his status as one of the most polarising figures in the sport.

Possessing a supreme level of confidence, he walks to the field, knowing he always has a trick up his sleeve, and it’s resulted in some of the best goals the game has ever seen.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what’s made our top five.


5) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Zaragoza

Renowned for his fearsome explosivity, the 6 ft 4 powerhouse bagged an outrageous free kick during his time at Barcelona.

From long distance, the forward struck the ball with such incredible velocity that despite getting to the shot, the keeper had no chance.

The bullet went right through him and hit the back of the net, sending Catalan fans into raptures.

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4) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Benfica

Throughout his career, Ibra has dominated Serie A, winning an array of titles with multiple different teams. But perhaps his best moment playing for an Italian side came in a Champions League affair for Juventus.

From approximately 40 yards out, he headed it past a defender, controlled it with his chest and volleyed the ball, slotting it just inside the near post.

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3) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Italy

While the 41-year-old is well known for his long-range efforts, there’s also a great deal of creativity in his play.

This element of his game was exhibited beautifully during a match against Italy at Euro 2004.

After a clearance landed just behind him, Zlatan executed a beautiful backheel rendering the purists stunned.

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2) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Nac Breda

On the ball, there’s nobody quite like Ibra.

After turning professional with Malmo, the little-known player moved to Ajax and quickly made a name for himself.

His best moment at the club came when he defied several defenders, leaving them in heaps on the floor as he playfully put the ball past a bamboozled keeper.

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1) Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England

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Without a doubt, there’s only one goal that deserves the gold medal that outrageous bicycle kick against England.

Topping off an incredible day, in which he’d already secured a hattrick, Ibrahimovic quickly made Joe Hart regret his sloppy clearance.

Hitting the ball perfectly, the all-time great scored one of the best goals in football history.

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