Exclusive: Kevin Owens Explains In Great Detail What It’s Like To Hit Logan Paul In The Face

Kevin Owens has enjoyed a wild amount of success in recent years. He headlined back-to-back WrestleManias in 2022 and 2023. He won the Tag Team titles with his best friend Sami Zayn, faced his childhood hero Stone Cold Steve Austin and, most recently, has been able to punch Logan Paul repeatedly in the face.

The former WWE Universal Champion may not have been able to relieve the YouTuber-turned-boxer-turned-WWE-Superstar of his United States Title at this year’s Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, but that doesn’t mean KO hasn’t had a lot of fun along the way.

Owens and Paul initially did battle at the Rumble in January, where the Prime Energy Presidente escaped with his title thanks to a fortunate disqualification to Owens. KO, however, had the last laugh that night in Tropicana Field after he powerbombed Paul through the announcer’s table, post-match.

Don’t celebrate too much, Logan… Image: WWE

Last month, at WrestleMania 40, Paul once more got the best of Owens, as well as Randy Orton, scraping past both men in an all-action triple threat match. The YouTube sensation’s reward for his victorious efforts is a Champion vs Champion match against WWE Undisputed Champion Cody Rhodes at the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring event in Saudi Arabia on 25th May.

Like a Cold Drink After a Hard Day’s Work

But even as Logan Paul prepares for that momentous main event agains the American Nightmare, he has not arrived as the new number one contender unscathed. Thanks to Owens, Paul has been put through four months of stunners, powebombs and lots and lots of punches to the face.

Safe to say, Owens immensely enjoyed spending the opening third of 2024 dishing out his frustrations onto the face of the social media megastar.

Catching up with the former tag team champion during WrestleMania XL weekend, SPORF learned first hand just what it felt like to put a beating on Logan Paul, via Owens’ very evident catharsis when reminiscing about the suffering he had inflicted on the man who would be his opponent that very weekend.

“Y’know how after a really hard day’s work, when it’s hot outside and you’re working and you’re just dead and all you wanna do is go home, crash on the couch and have a nice cold beverage of choice, how that feels? That’s what punching him in the face feels like every time. Chopping him in the chest, hearing his groans, the pain leaving his body. It’s so good.”

Bullseye. Image: WWE

The far away look that accompanies Owens’ answer suggests that Paul has been one of the opponents he has most enjoyed wailing on and, judging by the quality of the bouts the pair had together, it’s something we would love to see revisited very soon.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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