Exclusive: Theory has insane crossover idea for WWE and Marvel

Austin Theory (or simply ‘Theory’ as he’s now known) once received a Marvel Universe style makeover during his time in NXT as part of The Way with Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. But now Vince McMahon’s latest protegé and the new WWE United States Champion has a huge crossover plan involving one of the MCU’s most iconic superheroes.

Given that you can’t move for new Marvel releases over the past decade or so, and the fact the larger-than-life characters portrayed within the WWE ring are so often compared to superheroes and villains, it’s surprising we’ve not seen more of the MCU utilised within the realms of sports entertainment already.

I mean, we had Hugh Jackman appear on Raw 11 years ago to spark out Dolph Ziggler, but without the Wolverine get up, what was the point?

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Theory wants to change all of that.

Speaking ahead of his recent crossover match at WrestleMania, where he succumbed to SmackDown commentator and former NFL kicker Pat McAfee, Theory revealed that, if he could mix it up inside the squared circle with any celebrity, it would be Robert Downey Jr. But not just Robert Downey Jr, oh no.

Theory wants Iron Man to show up at a future WrestleMania.

“This could change the game. Which celebrity would I wanna beat up? A really cool one; I don’t have anything against this guy, but Robert Downey Jr. If he came out in the Iron Man suit, that’d be believable, not him vs Austin Theory, but Austin Theory vs Iron Man? Dude, that’s a WrestleMania right there. I’d have to have my own armour, too; I’d need to figure that out.”

Theory Loses First Name But Gains Major Push

Recently, Theory lost the Austin from his ring name. A not uncommon occurrence within WWE. Matt Riddle became Riddle, and Mustafa Ali was shortened to Ali after a short while on the main roster. Maybe Vince McMahon didn’t want anything to do with another Austin after dealing with Stone Cold for the last 25 years.

Not that the name change is likely to have any ill effects on Theory’s progression up the card. The 25-year-old dethroned Finn Balor for the United States Title last week on Raw. Now he’s being rumoured for a John Cena level push in the near future. This belief seems to have been further cemented by a recent tweet from the Doctor of Thuganomics himself.

Maybe we’ll see the two cross paths at some point in the near future?

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