FIFA 21 ‘What If?’ Promo rumoured for this week

FIFA 21‘s latest promo is scheduled to be released tomorrow – and it could come under the name of ‘What If?’.

EA released a new loading screen to greet Ultimate Team users last night, featuring two cards with purple and black backgrounds.

The promo is due to drop on February 26, at 6pm GMT.

That will come as a surprise to some fans, with the ‘Winter Refresh’ promo having been expected this week. No details have been announced as to the release date of that particular promo as yet.

What is most striking on the two different card types is the designs. The colourised arrows on both suggest some sort of ‘live’ upgrade could potentially be introduced.

Whether that would involve real-life performances is unknown, but that would perhaps conflict with the ‘Headliners’ promo that EA released last month.

What could we see from the ‘What If?’ promo?

The phrase ‘What If?’ suggests the promo could be based on players who never quite fulfilled their expected potential.

With the ‘Future Stars’ promo based around players that could have a bright future in the game, an opposite approach would be an interesting angle for EA to go down this time around.

We could therefore see the likes of Jack Wilshere, Ryan Babel and Adel Taarabt given upgrades. If Taarabt got an upgrade similar to his FIFA 20 flashback card, it would be well worth trying out.

Alternatively, EA could choose to introduce position changes to popular players. That would be similar to what they introduced to mark the ‘FUT Birthday’ promo in FIFA 19.

On that occasion, Mohamed Salah was converted to a left-back, Romelu Lukaku to a centre-back and Sergio Ramos to a striker.

Elsewhere, fans have been pleading for a Kyle Walker goalkeeper card since he donned the gloves against Atalanta in the Champions League last season. Could they finally get their wish?

Stay tuned as we can an eye out any new developments regarding the promo…

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports