Fighting Tigress from Kung Fu Panda and defending her belt at Oktagon 52 — Katharina Dalisda reveals all

Oktagon champion Katharina Dalisda has nicknamed herself after Kung Fu Panda’s ‘Tigress’, but who would win if the two Spartans clashed in the cage?

With palpable charisma and an unrelenting will to win, the MMA star embodies the spirit of the popular animated character. Always the first on the mats, Dalisda has worked tirelessly for every last bit of success she’s had, earning a championship in Europe’s leading promotion, which she will defend in Oberhausen, Germany, on Saturday evening.

Blessed with a formidable mindset, the 32-year-old has mastered the art of combat, making her a more than worthy adversary for Tigress. But does Dalisda think she could get the better of the ‘Furious Five’s’ most intimidating member?

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, she laughed: “Oh, that would be exciting, I’m not sure. I think we’re more or less the same. Maybe Tigress has a little bit more Kung Fu experience, but I’m really strong-minded, and I think it would be more or less the same.” 

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However, when she sets foot in the cage at Oktagon 53, it won’t be a fictional character she’s up against, but fighting phenom Eva Dourthe who’s determined to get redemption for a loss she sustained at the hands of Dalisda in 2021.

Alas, the former French soldier will have her work cut out as the champion doesn’t intend to let go of her belt. Having amassed a massive following in her homeland, the gifted athlete takes great responsibility in shining as a beacon of light to young girls who want to follow in her footsteps.

She beamed: “I never planned to become an ambassador. I started the sport because I just love it. It’s a passion of mine. I like training hard every day. It developed in this direction. I think it’s a cool thing to inspire female athletes. I’m really happy.”


Katharina Dalisda has gone on a remarkable road to Oktagon 53

Dalisda’s journey to the pinnacle of Oktagon is an incredible one. Almost as if it was written in the stars, the athlete moved from Munich to Frankfurt to study, stumbling on MMA by chance.

From the moment Dalisda first felt the thrill of competition, she dedicated her life to the sport, doing everything in her power to prove herself as one of the best in the world. And now, after years of hard work, she’s reaping the fruits of her labour, packing out the Rudolf Weber Arena with 13,000 loyal supporters.

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She said: “I think the crowd is a really cool thing. Last time, I fought at home in Frankfurt, and that was amazing. I was at the last event in Oberhausen as a fan. I’m really looking forward to my fight. It adds a lot of pressure to compete there as there are many people. But I am happy to fight Eva. She’s a strong opponent. She is a good all-rounder. I need to take care everywhere. I am sure I can beat her. Last time, it was a points decision; this time, I want to stop her.”

UK fans can watch Oktagon 53 live on DAZN.

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA & Kung Fu Panda